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Perhaps the best kept beauty secret of 2018 so far is Elcie, a luxurious and comprehensive line of makeup by talented makeup artist Lilit Caradanian. I’m sharing a few of my favorites from the collection which have had the greatest impact on my daily routine and are a delight to use!

My favorite product from the line is the Hydra Enhancer, an alkaline facial mist which elegantly captures the heavenly scent of Jasmine. I love keeping it at my desk as a quick spritz will liven up and restore moisture to my skin, while refreshing my senses. This moisture blast is particularly important to battle the effects of the extremely dry air that indoor heating produces. The Hydra Enhancer is also perfect under makeup and periodically in order to help makeup set and stay put. Antioxidants fight free radicals to slow aging, and anti-bacterial properties keep blemishes at bay. The mist absorbs quickly and feels feather-light. My little secret of this enhancer has also served me well: after an evening including a few cocktails, I spritz generously just before falling into slumber and then immediately after waking to restore moisture and nutrients to skin, and it looks like I got ten hours of sleep!


Beauty, MakeupDior Addict Lip Glow

This new year feels… slightly frigid, but full of hope for longer days, new beginnings, and a fresh outlook. Dior Addict Lip Glow is a sheer, lightly pigmented line which gives lips a healthy fresh sheen and a hint of color. I’m in love with the concept of showing natural beauty by highlighting rather than covering. Protection and nourishment should be at the heart of makeup, as it’s only as good as what’s underneath! I apply a couple coats of the lip glow which glides on like butter. Lips are instantly moisturized and take on a uniform pink tint which looks polished and healthy. Although the lip glow hints at spring, it’s particularly soothing right now with the bitter wind chapping lips like no other. Three finishes are available depending on what look you’re going for: dewy, holographic, and matte. The Holographic finish is new to the line, which has a subtle iridescent finish to enhance lips, and for me it has an optical plumping effect as well. The new Matte is still very comfortable but with a more velvety look. My favorite color is the divine lilac, which shows up as a subtle tone which isn’t too pink on my naturally rosy lips. I really appreciate the long-lasting effects of the glow, as I’m always on the go and don’t have time to reapply every few minutes.


Gift Guides, Insider's ObsessionsDinosaurs Rule!

If you’re looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the person who’s impossible to buy for, allow me to share with you my latest obsession. Sill Life, a boutique company created by Holley Simmons based in DC, offers creative bespoke terrariums ready to beautify any space. My favorites are the gilded dinosaurs which are fun and fabulous, each one with its own quirks and carrying a cactus on its back. My pet golden boy T-Rex is ferociously guarding the tree and gifts, and he is fun as a conversation starter and centerpiece. The dinosaur itself is made of sturdy but slightly flexible material, so it won’t break into a million pieces if little paws get ahold of him. I also particularly appreciate that the cacti are living organisms but don’t need a lot of attention. The dinosaurs now ship nationwide and are ready to go! TDO had a virtual sit down with the cool and creative force behind these creations to ask some burning questions and glean some inside info, so read on.


Mom & KidsStocking Goodies

The French-based children’s studios OMY and nailmatic’s new releases are so much fun, especially when there’s a little extra magic in the air for kids this time of year. I happen to love stocking stuffers, because of the sheer joy little packages can bring. For a real treat for a first-time manicure, nailmatic co-designed with OMY to deliver a line of whimsical and festive polishes for kids, which wash off with just soap and water! The water-based nail polishes are especially formulated for children. None of the harsh chemicals appear in these peppy bottles, so mom can breathe easier! My daughter has endless fun doing manicures and showing off her nails to anyone who will look, and I love that the polishes are non-staining and safe. READ MORE

HairHair Edit: Leonor Greyl

One of my funniest memories from grade school is fighting my hair in the mornings, trying to get it to stand down with water, hairspray, or even scissors! Many years and bottles of product later, I’ve learned to tame it with a hairdryer and some choice treatments. But every winter, my hair keeps me on my toes as it seems to just know that I need it looking its best for holiday parties. With the brittleness of the cold air and static causing hair to lift off, I found that using Leonor Greyl’s Masque Fleurs de Jasmin refines and conditions without weighing it down with tacky residue. Post-conditioning, I have a healthy shine and silky hair which is easily brushed (aka less breakage) and styled. I love the smell as the Jasmine fills the steamy shower, turning it into a spa treatment at home. The masque is applied to towel-dried hair and left for 10-15 minutes. I actually use a shower cap after the masque is applied, stay in the shower, and do a thorough body scrub and shave so I’m ready to go by the time the treatment is done. A quick rinse, and hair retains nourishing ingredients like Acacia collage, amino acids and vetegal oils. Et voila, my hair is ready to party!

Gift GuidesSkin Miracles from Eve Lom

I always love getting a jumpstart on the holidays so I can avoid the stress of last-minute gifts and actually enjoy family and food! We’ve scoured all the eye-catching beauty offerings this season, and I’m obsessed with Eve Lom’s Restorative Moisture Ritual which packages up healthy and beautiful skin in a festive box. Full size products are included to really give skin a chance to respond and benefit from a consistent regimen. This is the perfect luxe gift for the one who deserves some pampering with truly skin-changing products. My skin is a happy testament to the wonders of Eve Lom’s moisture ritual, as I’ve found myself absentmindedly touching my face and startled back to reality with newfound firm and youthful skin!


Beauty, NailsFall Musings with JINsoon

Autumn is in full bloom, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with fresh and sophisticated nail collection inspired by Art Nouveau. JINsoon is always on the cutting edge of pairing well with the latest fall trends, and their latest release is a Fall Art Nouveau collection so sophisticated you can actually build a wardrobe around! The modernized rustic palette contrasts both temperate and dark colors, drawing from the influence of established artists to look completely fresh and modern. My favorite shade is the dark and mysterious Abyss, a moody nocturne blue which looks striking in both bright sunshine and dim candlelight. It takes the lead with so many fall looks and will carry right through winter as a fabulous accent.


Mom & KidsOMY Coloring Masks

I’m not a morning person, but that’s not an option with young kids. So many times I’m tempted to pile a bunch of activities on the bed hoping that something will buy me a few more minutes of shut-eye from my five-year-old bundle of energy. The other morning when she awoke before even one ray of the sun appeared, it dawned on me that this would be a perfect opportunity to try the new OMY Coloring Masks. Each pack of whimsical designs comes ready to be overrun by color and creativity. Crayon or markers, and even paint can be used on the cardstock. For even more fun, add glitter! Elastic strings are included (no scissors required) to make them ready to wear. The masks made for a stimulating activity quiet enough for doing in bed, and it was great bonding time for us.


BeautySleep Some More

Sleep is an incredible luxury on so many levels, and it’s prime time for skin to naturally repair itself. According to experts, 7 to 9 hours is optimal for collagen repair, which plumps skin and keeps it from sagging. Sleep is also great for blood flow, which allows that natural glow to shine through. I don’t even need to mention that puffy eyes result from reduced blood flow and show up as dark circles since the skin is so delicate in the area. There are never enough hours in the day, but sleep is more effective than any beauty products money can buy. A perfect antidote to sleep deprivation is Slipsilk, a luxurious 100% silk mask inside and out which outshines all other masks with its thickness, softness, and durability. Slipsilk simultaneously blocks out disruptive and stimulating light while providing a gentle landing spot for the upper cheeks and eyes. Instead of rubbing your entire beauty regimen off, friction is reduced around the delicate eye area to keep it fresh and young.


Mom & KidsBonpoint Sample Sale

Our favorite sale for the little ones is approaching once again, and it never disappoints. Chic French fashion at a discount is something I would fly to Paris for (and eat pastries nonstop), but this sale’s a bit easier to get to. Just remember to leave the stroller at home!

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