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If you couldn’t tell, I seriously love my beauty products and mascara is the one makeup item that I can’t live without. So when the lovely PR rep for MAX Factor sent us their newest mascara, Lash Perfection Waterproof Mascara, it was the first product that I wanted to test out.

First, I must note that the brush is separated from the actual tube of mascara in the packaging, which I thought was really clever. Essentially, that means less time for the mascara to form clumps around the brush. After I opened the package, I found that the wand was the most noticeable item. According to MAX Factor, the iFX brush is designed for precision and definition in order to give you the most beautiful, lush lashes. It has a nice cluster of evenly separated, flexible plastic bristles; it’s really unlike any other wand I have ever seen. The plastic bristles are molded to reach every lash from root to tip, while simultaneously positioned in offset rows for a “unique dual-combing action. Overall, that translates to superb separation, definition and lengthening. Claiming to withstand water, moisture and heat, the waterproof formula also boasts to contain Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E (yay for antioxidants!) for an even, smooth application process.

When the time came for me to test it out, I was actually quite surprised by the results – in a very good way. I’ve been wearing the Lash Perfection Mascara in Rich Black for the past few days and let me tell you – this mascara lives up to its hype. With one swipe, my lashes looked so full and long! (For the girls out there who have short lashes, I’m talking about “I’ve died and gone to heaven” long.) Last night, I used two or three swipes for dinner out with my boyfriend and the results were super glamorous and lush. You’re really set for the day AND night.

Though the iFX brush took some getting used to, it really delivers on its promise of coating lashes from root to tip. Plus, because it’s plastic, you can bend it slightly for a better angle during application if needed. Lash Perfection also gave my lashes excellent definition, not only because of the rich color, but again, because of the magic wand. The combing action really helps separate and coats your lashes beautifully. Most importantly, this mascara did not smudge or flake at all despite the humidity – a huge plus during the summer months! (I think I’ve just said hello to THE mascara for a tropical vacation.) At the end of the day, it came right off with a bit of soap and water, as well as with my Lancome makeup remover.

There are just a few factors to be aware of: if you apply more than three swipes, there may be some clumping. Also, some of the product builds up the end of the wand after a few days, so just make sure to wipe that off before application.

All in all, it’s definitely a product that I can recommend (also editors’ pick in InStyle’s annual “Best Buys” issue in April) and will be using again – especially when it retails for only $7.75. Dare I say that I will be ditching my other tube of mascara? Only time will tell!

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