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I am incredibly delighted to have been extended the warm invitation to post my thoughts and opinions on this daily blog and I look forward to many lively discussions about the comings and goings in the fashion industry.

Along with the seemingly daily rise in temperature and humidity comes with it the expected shortening of hemlines, lowering of necklines and that urge to expose just 1 or 2 more inches of the midriff. I know that in Seattle, where its grey and cold 80% of the time, a high of 70F with a chance of sun, is as good a reason as any to break out the bikini (as I have observed, us Seattle-ites dress according to how clear the sky is, not how warm the temperature is). But unfortunately in our overeagerness to look hot and stay cool, some of us miss the mark on what it is to be sexy. Achieving that je ne sais quoi sex appeal is a tricky balancing act.

KNOW YOUR BODY: Unless you could pass for Heidi Klum’s body double, it is not advisible to base your wardrobe selection on what looks good on her. Learn (through trial and error and 3 way mirrors) what looks good on you. If you haven’t been working on your six pack, a short halter top and low rise jeans might make you feel more uncomfortable than sexy ~ even if your size 2 roommate seems to carry it off so well.

PICK YOUR PIECES: We all have (at least) one feature that we know looks better on us than 90% of the other girls walking down the street. Accentuate it and be more modest with the rest of your body. Got killer legs? Splurge on that mini skirt. Perfect breasts? Find the shirt that hugs them just right. Strong back? Wear a backless dress. And if you are lucky enough to have a flat drop stomach, you can work the outfit to expose that tiny bit of your skin as you walk. Otherwise, if you feel insecure about it, cover it up. Also, the micromini with stillettos is hard to pull off unless you are going to a club or trying to pick up some clients.

STUDY YOUR FIT & FABRIC: A stretchy, body hugging, modal dress is probably not the best idea if you’re not confident about every curve of your body. A looser, or drapier fit often exudes understated sexiness. I tend to favor this cut by Velvet or this silhouette from James Perse.

BE APPROPRIATE: What may be sexy on the beach (string bikini) is not sexy on your college campus lawn.What may look good on a date may not look good at your client meeting. Not only knowing how to dress your body but when to dress it is just as important. Often what is sexy turns vulgar when worn at the wrong time of day.

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