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We adore Poppy King, the delightful genius behind the makeup brand, Lipstick Queen. We raved about her lipsticks before – and now it’s time to find out how Poppy dreams up her fabulous concoctions! Between her jet-setting schedule and developing new lipsticks, she amazingly found the time to do an interview with us. We can’t wait to share…so, here we go!

The Daily Obsession: What made you want to begin a career in the makeup industry?
Poppy King: One thing and one thing only…..LIPSTICK! It is the only make up that I am obsessed with. I think it is the most glamorous thing a woman can wear.

TDO: How did you become so passionate about lipstick?
PK: I became passionate about lipstick in the closet….that is my mother’s closet when I was seven years old and playing dress ups. I will never forget the feeling of blossoming into a sophisticated lady, as soon as I put that lipstick on (even though I missed my lips and had all over my face!). I have since how to apply lipstick properly, but the feeling, the wonderment that I had when I was a little girl about this fascinating product has never left me.

TDO: Where do you get your inspiration from?
PK: I get inspiration from everywhere, every day in the form of people, places and things. I can see a film, read a book, go to a museum or just look out the window. Inspiration for colors is all around us if you look for it.

TDO: Tell us what an average day might be like.
PK: Breakfast (my favorite meal!) – then some emails, admin stuff, meetings, in store trainings and media requests. (Editor’s note: If you haven’t read her recent article in the June issue of Vogue, you absolutely must. It was fresh and adorable – just like her!) These are the most common factors of my days, but there is a lot of unpredictable stuff in between. Running a business in some ways doesn’t contain “average days” – there are always surprises….and that is the fun and challenging part!

TDO: Take us through the steps of developing a lip product.
PK: Step 1 is a lot of what I call “incubating,” which involves thinking deeply and quietly for a while about what I feel the mood is in regards to lip color and what finish do I think best represents that mood. Then, I come up with a name and concept and from there, I gather examples of the shades I like – be they fabric, or flower petals or crayons or anything to show the colors and finally I brief the lab. From there, it is about tweaking the samples they come up with until I feel that it is exactly how I want the concept to look and feel. After that, it is working with my designer on the packaging.

TDO: What’s in your makeup bag?
PK: Approx. 3 Lipstick Queen lipsticks, an eyebrow comb, hair pins, Nars blush in Orgasm, Listerine Breath Mint Strips, Rolaids and Maybelline stick cover up.

TDO: What’s your daily makeup routine?
PK: As you can probably tell from the contents of my make up bag….Lipstick and blush is the only real make up I use, so my daily routine is pretty simple. Brush teeth, comb and tie back hair, neaten eyebrows, moisturize skin, apply blush and any needed cover up for blemishes and then lipstick.

TDO: Name the beauty product that you can not live without.
PK: Well… surprises here….it’s lipstick! Second to that would be smiling; smiles make you look beautiful, I think.

TDO: What’s the biggest makeup mistake you see women making?
PK: Not thinking they can wear lipstick and can only wear gloss. Every woman can wear lipstick without looking harsh or overdone….it is just a matter of backing off the eye make up.

TDO: Do you have any favorite beauty tricks to share with our readers?
PK: I hinted at it above. My fave beauty tip is that when wearing red lipstick, try not to wear any eyeshadow….just mascara and eye liner if you want, but no or little shadow. This is the chic and modern way to wear red and look glam, without looking too much!

TDO: What is going to be the next hot lippie color?
PK: It is not so much the next hot shade as what is “hot” is lipstick itself…any shade. It is back in fashion big time!

TDO: What’s next for the Lipstick Queen?
PK: To continue my crusade to show women and girls that can wear so many more lip colors than they think they can and get them out of the same color rut.

Thanks so much, Poppy! For more information, go to Want to purchase? Visit!

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