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So, I have to admit to being a bit conflicted about the skinny jean, but I did have to share this pic of Anne Hathaway on TRL earlier this week, sporting some of the cutest skinnies I’ve seen in a while. She’s wearing the Roxanne by Seven for all Mankind, in the fabulously dark and sexy Mercer wash. Now granted, it’s Anne Hathaway, so it’s not like she has buckets of flaws to correct. But I do think they’re doing some serious props for her already-gorgeous figure. Plus, as the designer jeans go, the Roxannes clock in well on the “reasonable” end of the price scale at $149.

Grab your star style at 7FAM’s website, and rock the Roxannes with all of those gorgeous tummy-hiding tunic tops we’ve been buying up like crazy this year.

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