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Jamal HamadiStylist Jamal Hamadi has built a solid reputation in the industry with his creative and glamorous styling, working with many Hollywood starlets and runway models. Jamal’s hair care product line, Hamadi Beauty, is entirely all-natural and made from organic ingredients. The line focuses on moisturizing and an uncompromising stance on using all-natural ingredients–as well as being strongly against animal testing. We were recently lucky enough to discuss hair care, styling, and the Hamadi Beauty line with none other than Jamal himself!

The Daily Obsession: What is the personal philosophy behind your styling and product line?
Jamal Hamadi: It’s all about a healthful, conscious approach to a chic lifestyle. Nature is a global concern. Style, architecture, and personal styles inspire me. It’s about promoting a healthy, modern, and intelligent sensibility that does not compromise quality with artificial ingredients. Our moisture-based formulations are custom-designed to be luxurious as well as nourishing. It’s about beauty with a conscience.

TDO: What persuaded you to make the jump from styling to creating your own product line?
JH: I have always wanted to do a hair line as long as I have wanted to do hair. I had such a hard time with my own hair growing up. But once I started doing hair in a salon, I realized I knew what was lacking in the industry and questioned why there weren’t any good organic hair styling products. Therefore, I started to create conditioning treatments for my salon clients who always complained about how dry their hair was after hair color and so on. And so I started mixing up shea butter with oils and making my own concoctions–this was in the early ’90s. At that time, there weren’t any really nice organic conditioning styling products; the textures I think work best are the creams and oils.

TDO: What makes the all-natural and organic ingredients in your product line better than artificial ingredients used in other products?
JH: The Hamadi line is designed to nourish and replenish the hair from the inside out. It’s like, why wouldn’t you eat organic? It is simple–it is better for you. Without all of the extra chemicals and toxins that are ultimately making your hair dry, the Hamadi line is about moisture from the inside out. Using these natural ingredients actually helps to nourish your hair naturally and aids in replenishing it with ingredients that will help correct, not coat, the problem.

TDO: What are some basic tips for maintaining healthy hair that you can share with our readers?
JH: Start out by moisturizing. We are constantly depleting our environment and ultimately ourselves. Its very profound–we do the same with our hair by using blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, hair spray, gel, silicone, hair colors, and hard water. The list goes on, but we do not replenish what we do not give back. By adding moisture, the nutrients help to keep your hair feeling and looking beautiful. Use a moisture-based hair care line like Hamadi. Try the new Hamadi Healing Serum for the bad ends and moisturizing your scalp: it’s an all-in-one. Do more treatments that you can leave in.

TDO: These days, we seem to inflict more and more heat damage on our hair–from daily blow drying to flat ironing. What tips do you have to keep our tresses healthy from heat styling?
JH: Protect! Try using a product that protects your hair before you start styling it. Your beauty regimen should have plenty of added moisturizing and conditioning before you start to blow dry. Use heat with natural healing ingredients that are good for your hair care. It’s all about moisture with style.

TDO: Who are your favorite celebrities to style?
JH: Drew Barrymore, Linda Evangelista, and Heather Graham.

TDO: Are there any new Hamadi Beauty products in the works that we should be on the lookout for?
JH: Yes, Hamadi is coming out with a new product called the Healing Serum. The Hamadi Healing Serum is made with organic oils and is all-natural. It’s so light and wearable, unlike most serums that are too heavy. You will be able to work a styled look while treating your hair with style…

Thank you so much, Jamal! For more information on Hamadi Beauty, please visit Be sure to check out Jamal’s customized product usage chart to see which products best fit your hair type!

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