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This is part two of our quest to find you fabulous products at fabulous prices (if you missed the Fashion edition of our Frugal Finds, check it out here). We upped the ante a bit on this one: we didn’t consider any products over $25, and we really worked to find products that really were a cut above your average drugstore find (while a few drugstore products did make it onto the list, they all impressed us just as much as their high-priced counterparts). Here’s what made the cut:

Blow Hair Climate Neutralizer: The new line of hair care products from the famed styling salon in NYC really is everything it’s cracked up to be. I love the “Weather or Not” hair serum – it keeps my hair smooth, silky and straight through my morning commute on the train, and my 8-block walk to work every morning, through the highly unpredictable San Francisco weather. Plus, a bottle lasts practically forever – and when it’s only $19 to begin with, that’s a math problem I can get behind.

Bourjois Mascara: If you’re looking for fabulously big, doe-eyed lashes, look no further than the “Yes to Volume, No to Clumps” mascara by Bourjois. To tell the truth, I don’t really go in for the extreme lash…but I let a friend who loves her lashes supersized try this product, and I never did manage to get it back from her. The brush isn’t really a brush at all…more like a comb, I suppose. I was skeptical, but the results were actually pretty darn impressive – foolproof, clump-free, mega-lashes with only one coat. Just what the doctor ordered.

Sally Hansen Lip Extreme: If you’re cursed with thin lips, or just want to make your look a little more Angelina Jolie and a little less Jodie Foster, Sally Hansen Lip Extreme is the solution to your thin-lipped woes. Put a little on, wait a minute, then apply your regular lip color – and presto. I have to admit, I was pretty darn impressed by the results from this product – and hey, for $8, you really can’t go wrong. Available at drugstores everywhere.

Suki Lemongrass Cleanser: It’s pretty rare that I’m impressed by a scrub or cleanser…I mean, really, as long as it’s getting the yuck off my face, that’s all I’m looking for. But the Lemongrass cleanser from Suki actually surprised me. Not only did it wash away the day’s grime and leave my face feeling squeaky clean, but it has a little bit of “scrub” to it that made my face feel polished and really sort of “superclean.” Plus (you’re going to think I’m nuts here), it had almost a firming effect – my skin felt tight, but in a good way. Hard to explain, but definitely, definitely worth your $24.50.

Nu-Bar French Manicure Kit: Back before I was married, I always had my nails done in a french manicure. Classic, timeless, goes with anything. But now, when I’m doing dishes and laundry pretty much 24-7, I’ve learned that a french mani chips after about 2 minutes…very annoying when I’ve just spent $30 at a salon. Fortunately, Nu-Bar, a brand I always love for their chemical-free polishes and incredibly long-wearing colors, has come up with a fabulous french manicure polish set. With two translucent polishes (one peach, one pink, both gorgeous) white for tips, and a rock-hard top coat, all for under $20, this set is just what I need to maintain between manicures, or to try out a DIY french manicure.

Calgon Body Cream: I spend a lot of time trying out various lotions, creams, shower gels, and various and sundry other beauty products. So, it takes a lot for something to impress me. But I recently got the chance to check out Calgon’s (yes, the one of “Calgon, take me away!” bubble bath fame) new “Blossoms” line. My favorite was the cherry blossom, which just has a fresh, clean scent – it’s really not floral or fruity at all, despite the name. Even my hubs noticed it, which is really saying something. Under $10 at your friendly neighborhood drugstore.


  1. janessa  |  26 September 2007 at 2:30 PM

    I have to say, the Bourjois Mascara is by far my favorite mascara to date. I used to love the Bad Gal lash by Benefit, but this one beats that one hands down. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Jessie  |  9 October 2007 at 10:57 PM

    I must try the mascara, I am a lash girl. Another great buy under $25 is Goldie Lip Gloss at Bath & Body, you can get a mini for your bag $7 or full size $14. I love the color of Doll a pinky gold. Bellissima!

  3. Conomize Community  |  18 November 2008 at 12:23 AM

    Good post. My daughters are always so proud of their french manicures and unfortunately I don’t get to exercise their “absolutely have to have it” attitudes about them very often. Next time they insist on a french manicure I will get the kit and have a more pleasant afternoon together giving each other manicures!

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