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Lutz & Patmos is known for their beautiful line of knits – and designers, Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos, were kind enough to quickly share a few details about themselves and their line. Read below to find out more!

The Daily Obsession: How did you meet?
Tina Lutz & Marcia Patmos: We met in 1995 while designing for Barney’s Private Label.

TDO: What propelled you to launch Lutz & Patmos?
T&M: The search for the perfect sweater.

TDO: Who is the Lutz & Patmos woman?
T&M: She is ageless and international.

TDO: The Lutz & Patmos collections are composed of eco-friendly, yet very luxurious fabrics. Tell us more about how your company stays green.
T&M: We are trying to make green changes not only in the way we product, but also in our packaging, printing and everyday life at the office.

TDO: What was the inspiration behind your Spring 2008 collection?
T&M: Richard Meir and his construction sites.

TDO: Each season, Lutz & Patmos has a guest designer create a piece. Most recently, you collaborated with Julianne Moore and with Richard Meier. Who has been your favorite guest designer to work with? Please tell us more about it!
T&M: Every guest designer has come from such a different field and has brought a completely different aspect to the collaboration, so we cannot compare one guest designer to the next. We only work with guest designers that we like and that are pleasant to work with. We have never had a bad experience.

TDO: What do you consider to be the most versatile piece of clothing a woman can own?
T&M: A cardigan.

TDO: Which celebrity closet would you like to raid? Why?
T&M: We love our own closets – but would love access to designers’ PR closets that they pull from for celebrities for special occasions.

TDO: Who is your favorite celebrity to dress?
T&M: All of our guest designers.


1. Favorite late night haunt?
T&M: Our beds
2. Favorite photographer?
T&M: Craig McDean – our neighbor
3. Favorite thing about NYC?
T&M: That New York is working towards becoming a green city.
4. Favorite caffeinated beverage?
Tina: I don’t drink caffeine.
Marcia: Americano with Milk
5. Favorite reality TV show?
Tina: Project Runway
Marcia: I don’t watch TV.

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