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We recently sat down with the truly fun and fabulous Alle Fister, Founder/ Principal of Bollare Communication, a fashion public relations firm based in Los Angeles – and picked her brain about working in PR industry. Founded in 2006, Bollare has quickly gained acclaim for working with the best of the best in the fashion and lifestyle space. Working with an array of clients – including Shopbop, Hurley, LaRok and Lauren Moffatt among others – has established the Bollare team as a go-to resource for editors, stylists and producers. Check out our interview where Alle dishes about the best part of her job, upcoming spring fashion trends and more!

The Daily Obsession: What does a publicist do? Take us through a day in your life.
Alle Fister: The fun part about being a publicist is that everyday is truly different! Our goal is to help broaden exposure for our clients through a variety of mediums that will best reach their target demographics and overall, grow their business and brand awareness.

Generally, I aim to spend the majority of my day reaching out to editors, stylists, producers and other publicists to brainstorm creative and fun ways to gain this exposure. There is definitely a TON of emailing and phone time involved! I tend to say that a publicists ‘day’ never really ends, as you tend to always be ‘on’ even in your off time…!

TDO: What is your favorite part of the job?
AF: The social interaction! I love meeting new people and connecting with them – which lends very well to the job!

TDO: What do you find most challenging?
AF: Deciding whom to work with! I want to surround myself with very positive and enthusiastic people whose products I believe in 1000%!

TDO: What is your favorite event that you’ve thrown?
AF: For the past two years, Shopbop and Glamour Magazine have teamed up to do an amazing event during NY Fashion Week called Fashion Gives Back! We work with crème de la creme designers to create special, limited edition tshirts for charity. The shirts retail exclusively on and are highlighted in Glamour Magazine! The past two years the event has been gorgeous and extremely well received! I love it because it incorporates fashion, giving back and some of my favorite people to work with in the industry!

TDO: What brand/ designer would you love to work with?
AF: I am extremely fortunate with my client roster and personally, think my clients are some of the coolest in this business. But additionally…who doesn’t love Phillip Lim these days? Chanel is everyone’s dream… And I’d definitely love a high end shoe client to help feed my footwear addiction!

TDO: What is your foolproof outfit for day? For night?
AF: Little black dress! Flats for the day, heels for the night!

TDO: Publicists often work long hours. What are your makeup must-haves that can take you from morning to night?
AF: I’m a nerd for NARS – the blush/bronzer duo palette and their lip gloss. I always toss on a little of each for a freshener!

TDO: As a publicist, you are privy to previewing collections a full season before they debut in stores. Tell us…what are some upcoming trends we’ll see in spring 2008?
AF: Lauren Moffatt has some of the most darling dresses in bold colors. I am gaga for some of the new LaRok sequin jersey pieces and am coveting ombre pieces (which will be a HUGE trend) from Vanitas of California. They have this deep blue palette that is unreal!

TDO: What personality trait do you think is most important to have if you work in public relations?
AF: To be enthusiastic and genuine! People know when you’re truly behind something or faking it…and when you truly are behind something, the enthusiasm is effortless!

TDO: Any tips for those who want to break into the PR industry?
AF: Network! Public relations is a career based on relationships! Meet new people and learn about what they do! You can do PR for anything from Health Care to Hosiery, so explore a field you’re personally interested in and reach out and meet people who work in it!


1. Florist? The Empty Vase
2. Magazine? Could never name just one! =)
3. Shoe designer? Louboutin!
4. Place for one-of-a-kind fashion finds? Shopbop is chock full of amazing exclusives! And of course, Decades Two on Melrose; if I could visit it everyday, I would!
5. Breakfast spot? Our office is up the street from Urth Caff̩Рdefinitely enjoyed a few Vanilla Lattes there and the designs they make in the foam are so fun!

Thanks, Alle! If you’re interested in learning more about Bollare, please visit If you have a question for Alle…email us and we’ll pass it along to her!


  1. Patricia Brown  |  6 November 2007 at 10:22 AM

    This is just beautiful, Alle. I’m so proud of you.


  2. Erin Caruth  |  7 November 2007 at 3:42 PM

    I believe I speak for the whole LaROK family when I say that we couldn’t be prouder of you, Alle! What a fantastic article– but it’s easy to write about such a great subject. You know that as well as anyone! Thank you so much for all the amazing work you do for us. Bollare has done a sterling job of helping us to shine. Keep up the good work, lady!

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