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Everyone knows that little trick about putting a highlighter or pale liner at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. It widens and brightens the eyes up instantly, making you look fresh and awake. But it’s not always easy to find a complimentary hue (white liner is too harsh) or user-friendly medium (traditional pencils are a bit too pointy) to achieve this look.

Cargo’s Eyelighter in Gold seems to solve both those conundrums. The Eyelighter looks like your typical double-ended highlighting stick…but it’s so much more! One end is rounded with a light gold shimmering shadow, intended for the inner corners of your eyes. The other end has a softly defined point and contains matte pale gold shadow to brighten up the outer corners. The silver pen is slim, perfect for throwing into your bag if you have an event after work. What I like about this product is that it’s almost foolproof to use. Just apply light pressure to the points and if needed, blend gently with your finger. (But just in case, there’s a handy dandy how-to if you need any help with application.) This tool isn’t about precision, but for those who want to achieve the look painlessly.

I was actually quite surprised the first time I tried it because I’ve tested many highlighters before…and most seem to fail in one way or another. This one made my eyes look instantaneously brighter and actually stayed put for a fair amount of time. Plus, it takes about 1 minute to apply and blend in the morning, which is a total bonus – because the less time I spend on my face, the more time I can spend sleeping in my cozy warm bed.

Retails for $17 on the Cargo Cosmetics website.

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