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This is the story of a Chelsea salon. In particular, this is the story of a certain stylist at this Chelsea salon.

The salon is called Chris Chase, opened by the same people from the extremely well regarded (but now closed) Robert Kree. It is located in New York’s Highline neighborhood on 21st and 9th, and though a new establishment, is already extremely well-regarded in the fashion and beauty industry (they exclusively style Calvin Klein and Prada events). The stylist is named Shane Michael, the creative cut and color guru that made my experience at Chris Chase one that I would highly recommend to everyone.

You can probably already tell from the pictures that Chris Chase is a beautiful space. The walls are deep aubergine and the rest of the workspace is shiny and sleek: lots of mirrors, transparent chairs, white floors — all set around a dramatic chandelier. What you probably can’t tell from the pictures is that while the space is incredibly stylish and modern, it is also very warm and inviting. Once you fill in the image with the friendly stylists, the excited clientele, the warm lighting and the hustle and bustle of business…Chris Chase is, in fact, a salon you could stay at for hours.

When I arrived for my hair appointment, I was immediately offered my choice of drink before I even sat down in the waiting area. My glass was never left empty for the remainder of the evening. Shortly after, Shane came by and introduced himself. I immediately felt that he was a very genuine and friendly person. And since I had done my share of research before I came in, I also felt from the many testimonials I’d read about his work, that he could be completely trusted.

Now it may surprise you, dear reader, to find out that a beauty blog editor had never had her hair colored before, but this is, in fact, true. I had long been warned that my black hair would not color well (who is not scared of that brassy look?) so I had just completely avoided it. After having 20 odd years of black hair though, I was ready to try something new and decided just to go for it.

I was (and am!) incredibly pleased with how Shane did my color. I essentially just printed out a picture of Catherine Zeta Jones, pointed, and said that I wanted a variation of her hair color that would look nice with my skin tone. He painted some grey goop on my hair that he assured me would turn it into a warm chestnut brown, and sure enough, 30 minutes later, my hair was that exact shade of brown and red that I’d hoped for, but couldn’t exactly explain. It is also a very realistic color and as many of my friends have noted, naturally brightens up my face.

The next part was the style. I knew that I wanted layers and side swept bangs, and was aiming for something a little edgy yet sophisticated. Once again, I pulled out the picture of Zeta Jones and said that I wanted something similar, but longer and with more layers. What I was really impressed by with Shane, is that even though I’m only capable of giving very vague descriptions, he seems to know exactly what I want in my head. In fact, he knows what I want and makes it even better!

Shane also makes my hair easy to style by myself. Since coming home from the salon, I’ve followed Shane’s instructions to a T: work in some volumizing product and blow dry while pushing hair forward. And every time, I’ve been able to recreate a style that I’ve been happy with.

I can’t wait to go back to Chris Chase and back to Shane. Maybe in the summer for some lighter highlights now that I’m braver with the hair color (only in the hands of someone I trust though!) and definitely for my next haircut. In the meantime, I would recommend their services to anyone — especially someone who has been shopping around New York for a great stylist but hasn’t found one yet that they completely love.


  1. Dora  |  21 December 2007 at 11:56 AM

    I have been lucky enough to manage to get an appointment with Shane at Chris Chase and he is fabulous! He makes you feel totally at ease and gave me the best hair cuts ever! The best thing about Shane is that he knows what will suit you even if you have never contemplated that style before and you leave him feeling like that hair cut was created just for you! I thoroughly recommend Shane…

  2. carlos  |  21 December 2007 at 1:54 PM

    got a love shane. he’s so on spot with what will make you look good and cool. He’s a stylist that listens and has plenty of style.

  3. caroline  |  27 December 2007 at 4:49 AM

    I don’t like going to hairdressers. I don’t like making small talk and I feel very self-conscious sitting in front of a mirror for any length of time. If this rings any bells for you and, as they say, one’s hair is one’s crowning glory, then Shane is the king! Trust me….I am not a doctor! Thank you Shane!

  4. deborah  |  27 December 2007 at 8:27 AM

    Shane cut my hair and in the process transformed my look, my style, my attitude. His instincts are amazing.

  5. linda  |  19 June 2008 at 4:00 PM

    I have gone to several other stylists at Chris Chase before being able to get am appointment with Shane. He is by far the best stylist there!

  6. Becky cook  |  14 October 2012 at 5:53 AM

    I am a stylish just getting started and would love to work in a place like this!! I love what I do, it’s my passion, skill, and dream. Any advice?

  7. Travon  |  23 August 2014 at 12:00 PM

    Essays like this are so important to brinaedong people’s horizons.

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