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Tarte Cosmetics’ “We Wish You Health” set claims that it contains everything you will need to look great this holiday season. The “skinvigorating” 4 piece set includes a mini clean slate face primer, mini lock&roll creaseless eyeshadow duo (shade: slate), a mini mascara, and a mini vitamin infused lipgloss in their new shade serenity- all wrapped up in a mini cosmetics pouch.

My favorite part of this kit is the face primer. To be honest, I don’t usually use primer but since I got this kit, I’ve been using the mini primer. This silicone based formula goes on super smooth and evens out the skin’s surface immediately letting your foundation glide on easily. I’m usually hesitant on using primer because I don’t like the idea of more things clogging up my pores, but tarte’s formula is made with a ton of natural ingredients and is dermatologist tested. I haven’t noticed any breakouts.

I also really liked the eyeshadow duo that this kit comes with. The shadow comes in a mini roll tube that spreads on lids easily. I actually really like the color, slate – a bronze tone that is not too intense, but luminous and very pretty. The finely milled crush mica prevents creasing and still looks fresh hours later. I was initially a little confused by the sliver shadow on the other end of the tube as it seemed very metallic. But I noticed that it blends very well and is great for lightening up the eye area as long as it’s used in small quantities.

The remainder of the kit includes a lip gloss and mascara. They are not bad, but they are also nothing to rave about. I, personally, don’t like mini-versions of lip glosses or mascaras in general, but I suppose they would be useful to throw in a clutch for your holiday parties. The gloss is a transparent red tint – very pretty, but not enough pigment to last all night. I did like the texture though and felt that the formula is very moisturizing. The mascara promises to lengthen, curl, create volume and condition. That’s a lot to promise. I felt that the formula was ok, but I will probably stick to a few of my favorite mascaras.

All in all, this set is a good introduction to tarte cosmetics if you just want to get a feel of some of their products. Though to be honest, I would just go straight to the tarte counter and try out the primer and the gloss (in your favorite shade, of course).


  1. xxi  |  28 December 2007 at 10:57 PM

    I love tarte and their packaging, the minis are also great for traveling because if I’m gone for a week, I don’t see the need to bring anything full size for the simple logic of possibly losing it. If you lose a mini, it wouldn’t be too devastating.

  2. Kayleigh  |  23 August 2014 at 3:49 AM

    That’s a smart way of loionkg at the world.

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