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We are very excited about our latest interview with makeup artist, Emily Kate Warren. Aside from being sweet, gracious and successful, Emily is a former beauty editor at CosmoGirl! and an ultra-talented makeup artist…so interviewing her was pretty much a dream. She provided insight into the industry, as well as so many useful tips and fabulous product recommendations that you could easily experiment with the looks for the next month. Check it out!

The Daily Obsession: How did you get your start in the beauty industry?
Emily Kate Warren: My career started with two internships. One was at Latina Magazine in the fashion and beauty department, and the other was at Art + Commerce, one of the most prestigious hair, makeup and stylists agencies in the world.

TDO: In the last 50 years, which makeup artists (dead or alive) do you think has made the most impact in the industry?
EKW: In high school, I was so inspired by Kevyn Aucoin’s transformations that I bought both of his books. My two best friends bought me copies of the books as well, so I had three copies of both books! The fact that most women knew who he was and still refer to his books for inspiration makes me think he is probably one of the most influential artists in the last 50 years.

TDO: As a former beauty editor, you’ve had the privilege to receive tips from some of the best makeup artists in the industry. What are the best tips that you’ve learned?
EKW: Hmmm! That’s a tough one! One of my favorite tips comes from Jenna Anton, a very talented makeup artist based in New York City. She taught me an easy way to make smoky eyes look perfectly smudgey. Trace the eyeliner along your upper and lower lashlines and your inner rims. Then, have the model squint her eyes really tightly two or three times. This will transfer the liner to both lids evenly. It’s a simple trick, but I hadn’t thought of it before and it works really well.

TDO: In the past few years, there’s been a huge focus on “perfect skin” as the base for the perfect look. What do you recommend for our readers so they can help achieve a great base for their daily beauty look?
EKW: I couldn’t agree more than perfecting the skin makes a huge difference in the way the final makeup looks. I also don’t like to pile on a bunch of makeup, so I would recommend concealer on the darkest areas (under the eyes of course, perhaps around the nose) and a light-coverage complexion enhancer all over. YSL makes a great one called the Teint Parfait. And I always set with a translucent powder.

TDO: Where do you get inspiration for the photo shoot looks you work on?
EKW: I love to look in European magazines and always at sites like at all the runway shows.

TDO: Who is your favorite “famous” person to work with?
EKW: My favorite “famous” person to work with is Susan Schulz, the Editor-in-Chief of CosmoGirl! Magazine and my best client. She is down to earth, funny and always a joy to be around.

TDO: What are your favorite products in your beauty arsenal right now?
EKW: I am crushing on the new Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Concealer. It works on all types of skin, young and old. And that’s not easy feat considering older skin can look “crepe-y” with certain kinds of concealers. This stuff is liquid, but drys to a satin-y powder finish.

I also love L’Oreal Lash Out Mascara. It’s an older product, but it’s the perfect consistency for all lash types so I can use it on everyone. Biore Daily Deep Pose Cleansing Cloths are deep cleaning but not irritating for sensitive skin. And the lip gloss I continually run out of because it looks perfect on every skin tone (this is not an exaggeration!) is Estee Lauder High Gloss in Blush.

TDO: What new product are you currently obsessed with?
EKW: I love the Clarins Gloss Appeal. The flat spatula tip lets you get the inner most corners of your lips, but most appealing is the consistency. It’s not too sticky, but it stays — and the colors aren’t intimidating because they’re pretty sheer.

TDO: Name the beauty product that you can not live without.
EKW: I can’t live without mascara. Forget everything else. If I don’t have mascara on, I feel invisible.

TDO: What are some runway looks we will see in the upcoming season? How can our readers translate them for “regular” gals?
EKW: I’m noticing a lot of matte makeup (Chanel and Alexander McQueen to name a few). Beauty brands are also following the trend (MAC, Benefit, Urban Decay, etc.). The trick to wearing matte is not to make the whole look completely matte; this could wind up looking chalky. So I would suggest limiting the matte texture to just one or two areas.

Matte skin is always nice and paired with a touch of matte lipstick on the lips, just enough to make a light stained look, is perfect. Keep in mind, when applying matte lip products, it’s important to prep your lips first by buffing away dead skin with a dry cloth and some petroleum jelly. Otherwise, the matte product will clump in the flaky areas.

TDO: Many gals keep their makeup routine quite minimal (mascara, lipgloss, etc.) and feel uncomfortable when they try to take it up a notch for evening. Do you have any easy tips on how to dress up your look subtly?
EKW: Add blush!! This is something we all scrimp on for the most part, but blush makes a world of difference. To take makeup up a notch for evening, I’d suggest swiping the apples of your cheeks with a cream blush. Then, line the inner rims of your eyes with a neutral-toned liner. This is an easy way to emphasize them a bit without taking too much time or effort. I like brown-toned grays.

TDO: What is the biggest mistake you see people making with makeup? How would you fix it?
EKW: The biggest mistake I often notice is when women line along their lower lashlines, but stop halfway in the middle. It’s such an 80’s thing to do! To fix, just drag that liner all the way to the tear duct, or skip lining along lower lashlines completely and line only the inner rims.


1. Book? Tough one! I have many favorite books. But I’m a sucker for historical fiction, especially when it involves royals. Philippa Gregory is a great writer and The Queen’s Fool was a great book! So that may be one favorite, but I think it’s too hard to name just one. So can I also add Empress Orchid by Anchee Min?
2. Apothecary? Z. Chemists is a cool place!
3. Mascara? L’Oreal Lash Out
4. Caffeine fix? Coca Cola
5. Reality TV show? Don’t laugh, but I love The Girls Next Door. It’s oddly fascinating.

Thanks so much, Emily!!! If you’re looking for a makeup artist for an event, we highly recommend her. She’s also available lash extensions, customized one-on-one makeup lessons and other services. To find more information, please visit


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