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Alterna: The Science of Skincare for Hair is a complete set of haircare products crafted as some of the best you can purchase on the market. When I first received my bag of Alterna products from a Coutorture giveaway, I really had no idea how much this line would transform my hair. Around the same time, I got my hair colored for the first time – a harsh process that many would testify can lead to dry, brittle and dull hair. I, however, experienced no such thing while using Alterna’s daily maintenance products (which not even specifically designed for color treated hair) and can say that today my hair is softer, more moisturized and brighter than I think it ever has been.

ABOUT THE BRAND: Alterna claims, first and foremost, to be a technologically-based haircare company, grounded in science to deliver the most luxurious and advanced products to treat different types of hair. The basis of their technology is called Enzymetherapy, which they put in every one of their products. This is their trademarked method that delivers enzymes to help transform their ingredients into a structure that can easily be absorbed and used by the hair. Hence, ingredients they use such as caviar, champagne grape seed oils, arnica flowers cacao extract, and white truffle oils can easily be targeted to the right part of the hair and scalp, in order to be most effective.

Their line of products are separated into Caviar (Anti-aging), Hemp (Organic), Life (Balance), Luxury, and Ten (Key Elements). While each of these lines have their own complete regime, I have mixed and matched – to great results.

STAND OUT PRODUCTS: My favorite product, among all the ones I’ve tried is the Caviar Volume Conditioner, which I have religiously used every day since I’ve received it — and sadly am running out of now. I love the feel of my hair against the water as I rinse out conditioner; this one gives my hair the most incredible smoothness, while being completely weightless and leaves behind no build up. It also immediately untangles my hair and sustains that state, even after I towel dry and wrap it up. Hair is easy to blow dry with no fuss and is left very soft. After having used this system for the past few months, I also noticed that my hair is now balanced and not oily – a feat that no other conditioner has been able to do in my recent memory.

On Sundays, I substitute the Caviar Masque for the conditioner. The Masque is an intensive moisturizing treatment with added UVA/UVB protection and Color Hold to protect hair color. My hair is pretty soft after use, but the original conditioner is already so effective that it’s difficult to discern an even greater increase in “goodness” after using the masque (though also to be honest, I don’t think I leave it in there for the recommended amount of time). The scent is divine, which keeps drawing me back to this product. I am sure that the masque, combined with the conditioner, is what has kept my hair radiant during this cold winter. The Caviar Conditioner goes for $30 and the Masque for $40.

On Sundays, I also use the Clarifying Shampoo from Life Collections, which removes all kinds of dirt, mineral depositions, pollutants and product buildup that has accumulated throughout the week. Prior to Alterna, I’ve tried clarifying shampoos from Origins as well as Bumble & Bumble. I can confidently say that this product is the most gentle out of the clarifying shampoos I’ve tried and equally as effective, without providing any of that (literal) squeak.

OTHER GREAT FINDS: Another product I really liked was the Hemp Texturizing Glaze, which I use to prep my hair before I take my curling iron to it. It has really helped define and separate curls while preventing that big fizzy puff that happens when I don’t use any curling prep. It also protects against heat damage and continues to condition hair throughout the day. For girls with naturally curly hair, this product is great for keeping curls shiny and bouncy.

The only product in this line that I’ve tried and been really confused about is this Volumizing Mousse — and I can’t even seem to find on the website anymore. The nozzle is terrible; I end up spraying everything except for my hair, which may partially explain why my hair does not seem to gain any volume after using this product. It comes in a tall green can. If you are thinking of buying it, I would recommend re-allocating your funds elsewhere in this great line of products.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Everyone! But since this is an expensive line, I would only especially recommend it for people who have troubled, unbalanced hair like me and haven’t been able to find something that works for them. Give Alterna a try and you may be surprised by the transformation your hair and scalp take over time. My hair is really at the best state it’s ever been – soft, shiny (without being oily) and easy to manage.

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