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I recently got the chance to check out a few of the newest products over at Benefit, one of my all-time favorite cosmetic companies. I love the kitschy marketing and the fabulously girly packaging…and I love that all of that houses really fantastic products, designed for younger lifestyles.

The oh-so-famous You Rebel tinted moisturizer was finally released in a light shade, perfect for my ultra-pale skin. It’s the first tinted moisturizer that I’ve really felt was moisturizing enough to use without a day cream underneath – how liberating! This summer, I’ll pair it with a little Benetint or Tarte Cheek Stain, and have that natural glow look perfected.

I also tried out their new Erase Paste, an industrial strength concealer designed to hide even your most stubborn problem spots. True to its word, this concealer covers up just about anything you’d want to hide. Even their lightest shade was a bit dark for me, but if you have any pigment whatsoever, you shouldn’t have a problem. The included spatula-shaped applicator is a nice feature, as it keeps you from having to dip your fingers in repeatedly, causing all sorts of yucky contamination.

Last but not least, I tested the new version of Brow Zing. The classic version was an absolute staple in my makeup bag – so I was a little bit upset when I found out they’d messed with perfection. (Okay, so I boycotted the new version for months.) But as it turns out, after a little trial and error, I’m just as pleased with the updated version. While the original only gave you brow wax, the new compact gives you both wax and powder, so that you can keep your brows stationary and fill in any “less than perfect” areas with ease. It is incredibly handy to have everything in one compact, including separate applicator brushes for each, as well as a teeny tiny tweezer, which is every bit as cute as it is functional. Plus, in a pinch, the powder can double as an eyeshadow…always nice to have multitaskers close at hand.

Check out the latest and greatest from Benefit at their website, and enjoy!

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