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A few weeks ago I headed back to one of my favorite day spas, Shobha, for another visit with my bikini waxer, Jamuna. Even though I hadn’t seen her since November, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she fully remembered me and all the little details about my life that I had shared with her on my last visit. Such friendly service, especially in New York, is so rare and really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The service was, once again, top notch: quick, professional, and (relatively) painless. I was in and out before my lunch break was even half over. I was getting a wax partly so I could try out their new “first Brazilian aftercare kit,” which I was very excited about. The idea of clean, fresh, smooth skin is very appealing to me. The kit includes hydrocortisone cream, a great exfoliating cloth, and a canister of freshening cloths. This set is meant to help minimize irritation after your wax and help maintain the results of the procedure. It’s been about three weeks since I went in, and using this kit – especially the exfoliator – has really helped to maximize the results and longevity of the wax.

At your wax appointment, you will get an application of hydrocortisone cream. For me, that is enough; but if you are more sensitive, you can keep applying the cream the next few days to minimize irritation. The freshening clothes are self explanatory and especially great if you’re having a busy day. I just throw mine in my gym bag for when I don’t have time to shower. My favorite part of this kit is the exfoliating cloth. I would buy the kit just for this item! The consistency of Shohba’s cloth is perfect. Made of natural fibers, it’s not harsh enough to scratch your skin or anything, but it certainly is more texturized than other loofahs and exfoliating cloths I’ve used in the past. I find that my bikini area is a little sensitive for a few days after my wax, so I actually use it with my favorite body wash all over the rest of my body. My elbows got so soft, so quickly! About a week after the wax, I start to use it around the bikini area to minimize ingrown hairs and I’ve never had a problem.

The kit retails for $38 at any of Shobha’s salons or online at their website. You can also buy the exfoliating cloth solo for $15, which is what I’m going to do when I need to replace mine!

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