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As some of you may have noticed, I seem to be on a perpetual quest for the perfect eye cream. No matter how many times my aesthetician tells me that under-eye circles are genetic, I’m convinced I can beat them. And, no matter how many fantastic facial products I try, the truth is that those itty-bitty lines around my eyes aren’t in my imagination.

So, when SkinCeuticals sent over their eye cream for me to try, I was thrilled to have yet another potential miracle on my hands. After all, my favorite, highly-selective cosmetic store carries it, and my doctor actually started selling it. What better endorsement could I ask for?

True to its word, the SkinCeuticals eye cream has done more for the trifecta of eye sins (puffiness, lines, and dark circles) than any other product I’ve tried. Rather than relying on light deflectors and caffeine to make you think it’s doing more than it actually is, SkinCeuticals just pumps their product full of ingredients designed to help your skin actually repair itself. As always, though, the proof is in the product testing. Those itty-bitty lines? Maybe not vanished, but I definitely feel they’re less noticeable. My morning under-eye puffiness has improved, too. And those dark circles? Well, they’re still there…but I’m not ready to admit that my aesthetician is right just yet.

Pick up a bottle at, and give it a shot for yourself. Let us know how you like it!

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