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Last month I went to a special press event to introduce us to the launch of M LAB in the US. At the time, the line was still an exclusive to Harrod’s so their website showed prices in sterling. I remember checking out the site before heading the the event and saw that a 6oz tub of the cream cost 600 pounds, or with the exchange rate $1,200! Wowza!!

Well the good news that the 6oz cream costs $650 here in the US (now that’s an exchange rate I can stand behind!) and even though that is still a hefty price tag, it reflects the utmost luxury that is this product (and 6oz is actually very large). But let’s backtrack a little and examine what is actually in these bottles that gives it its going rate.

ABOUT THE BRAND: The short answer to the question of what’s in M LAB products is: everything that’s good for your skin! What makes M LAB unique is that they don’t scrimp on the goodies they put in there. In fact, some of their products have up to 74% clinically active ingredients as compared to many other brands on the market that have very low percentages of active ingredients – often in the single digits or low teens. Milbar Laboratories, the cosmeceutical company that developed M LAB, challenged their scientists to make the most potent and effective anti-aging products without any financial limitations, and the result was their use of an extraordinarily large percentage and varied active ingredients that target different skin problems. M LAB claims that the time it takes to see results can be as short as only two days, and many of their customers show immediate signs of reverse aging.

Now I thought this all sounded too good to be true, but my skepticism started to go away when I met the lead scientist who created M LAB. He was sitting across from me talking about the line, but I was noticing his youthful skin and thinking, “Gosh this guy is sooo young.” Then he said something about how he had graduated from college 19 years ago. What?!! That meant, unless he was a child genius (which could be true), this guy was in his late 30s/early 40s, and here I was thinking he was 28! Now assuming that he actually uses his own product, I had just seen with my own eyes what it was like to put the fountain of youth on your skin. I was convinced.

STAND OUT PRODUCTS: I left the event that day with a travel kit full of M LAB products and have been using it since, and my skin looks great! I was concerned that the long ingredients list would make my skin break out, but so far, nothing. I use the anti-aging cream at night and the Day Cream with SPF 15 in the morning, and my skin has achieved a really soft and supple quality with a nice glow. While it is hard for me to speak to the wrinkle fighting abilities of this product, my skin has certainly improved in texture and clarity. And I also saw results in less than a week. The set works as an entire skincare regime, but the basic, core product, is their anti-aging treatment cream. This cream is lightweight, but filled with peptides, antioxidants, hydration molecules, Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10 and other ingredients to hydrate, protect, and fill the skin. If you want to purchase just one product from this line, this would be it.

RECOMMENDED FOR: I’m 23 and I use this product because it makes my skin look and feel amazing. Even as the seasons are changing, I haven’t had any dry skin nor has this product made my skin oily. I also feel like this would be a great preventative treatment so I keep slathering it on. However, truth be told, is this too extravagant for my skincare needs? Perhaps. I feel like this product is best for those who are beginning to notice changes in the firmness and texture of their skin. 40 might be the new 20 so you might as well look the part.

The only reservation I have about this line, is that in the M LAB FAQs, the scientists reveal that “The M LAB skincare line does not permanently repair skin or change skin structure, so your skin will return to the state it was in prior to using M LAB.” Hmm, so it might be good to keep in mind that as miraculous as this cream may seem, the effects do not last beyond your use of the products. However, you might just fall in love with how wonderful your skin looks that you’re willing to commit to a long term relationship.

So I’ll end with another piece of good news and that is that in order to try M LAB, you don’t need to shell out 600 pounds or 600 dollars. You can actually get started with the travel kit for $130 and put your best face forward.

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