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All Lacquered Up is one of the best resources for nail polish news and reviews online, so when we got the opportunity to interview its creator, fellow blogger Michelle, we jumped at the chance to talk to her about why she decided to start blogging, how much time her (very impressive!) polish swatches take to create, her all-time favorite nail colors, and much more. Check it out!

The Daily Obsession: Why did you decide to create All Lacquered Up?
Michelle Mismas: It all happened on a whim with very little planning, which is very much my style. I had been posting on the Makeup Alley nail board for a couple years and even though it is a great resource for polish information, the message boards are hard to search. I was an avid blog reader, especially Blogdorf Goodman, so I decided to start a place of my own to share info on new collections, colors I love and nail related news. It all just evolved from there.

TDO: You spend a lot of time swatching colors and photographing them for your site. How much time do you spend on this process? Tell us more about it.
MM: Sometimes I wonder if I’ve dug myself into a hole by focusing so much on sharing nail polish swatches. It’s very time consuming and there just isn’t enough time in the day to share all the colors people want to see. But ultimately I do what I do to help my readers, and I feel that without seeing the shade on the nail, it’s like shopping blind. In the bottle, nail polish can be very deceiving, so I hope I’m doing a service with my images.

TDO: Were you always this passionate about nail polish growing up?
MM: I was always passionate about color. I love to dissect color and surround myself in it. You should see my house – every room is a different color. Though I’ve never been one to wear a lot of color in my clothes, so I turned to nail polish to express that.

TDO: What are your all-time favorite polishes?
MM: For formula, I love China Glaze and Rescue Beauty Lounge, even though I hate RBL’s high price tag. When it comes to color, my first love is green and the most gorgeous green ever is OPI Rainforest. Some other favorites: China Glaze Up All Night (navy blue), Creative Nail Design’s Hyde In The Dark (gunmetal gray), MAC Whirlwind (sea green) and Misa Chocolate Icing (deep brown).

TDO: What are your current favorites?
MM: Right now I’m in love with light grays, like the one from Carolyn New York, Hanging on the Stoop. I love whites for summer, and one of my favorite whites ever is White-Kwik-Silvr from China Glaze. And neons, especially orange, are huge. Essie, China Glaze and Nocti all have outstanding neon shades out for summer.

TDO: What polishes can you recommend that look good on virtually everyone?
MM: You know, I don’t think there is one. For all the people that swear by OPI’s I’m Not Really a Waitress,there are just as many detractors, and that’s been voted a number one red for years now.

TDO: Other than nail polish, what are the three products you can’t live without?
MM: Rosebud Salve,Lemony Flutter Butterand Kenra Platinum line shampoo and conditioner.

TDO: Do you prefer to buy polish online or do you like browsing in the store?
MM: I always buy online, unless it’s a brand I can’t get online. I will go to stores to see a color in person, but I still order online. The prices are better – and who doesn’t love getting packages?

TDO: What are your predictions for hot polish shades this summer?
MM: Bright orange, for sure. Blue is still going strong, and creme finishes in any shade are huge. As pretty as a shimmer looks in the sun, glossy cremes are extremely chic right now.

TDO: Do you have a favorite brand of polish? What makes it your favorite?
MM: I’d have to say China Glaze makes up the majority of my collection. The color range is extremely diverse, they really respond to what the consumer wants, and the formula is top notch.

TDO: Can you give our readers some tips for giving themselves the perfect mani/pedi?
MM: A good base and top coat are essential. You can make any brand of polish last with the proper treatment products to accompany it. I recommend CND Stickey and Seche Vite. Also, start with a clean nail plate free from residue and excess oils. I swipe my nails with vinegar – it’s cheap, easy and accessible.

TDO: Do you prefer going to the salon to get a manicure/pedicure or doing it yourself?
MM: I like doing my own manicures. At the rate that I change my nail color, I’d go broke if I didn’t do it myself. But for pedicures, I prefer the pampering of a salon.

TDO: Tell us about a beauty “mistake” you’ve made that you would love to go back and change.
MM: It was a long running mistake that ended in disaster. I made the poor decision to go blonde for a year and it did not suit me. The true horror came when I tried to go back to my natural shade without the aid of a pro. I turned my hair a lifeless black that felt like straw and had to spend the entire next day having the color stripped, then put back in. I’ve never touched a box dye since.

TDO: Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
MM: I think the best thing any blogger can do, new or old, is to write about what they know and love and put their twist on it. And avoid the pitfalls of becoming a slave to the PR machine.

TDO: Do you have anything new and exciting coming up for All Lacquered Up?
MM: I’m launching a new series interviewing nail industry professionals, picking their brains about their favorite shades and products. And I have a big giveaway sponsored by Estée Lauder that I’ll be starting soon.


1. TV show? 30 Rock
2. Drink? Iced tea
3. Magazine? Entertainment Weekly
4. Author? I don’t have time to read books!
5. Beauty blogs? Blogdorf Goodman, Makeup and Beauty Blog, and The Daily Obsession

Thanks so much for answering our questions, Michelle! You can visit her site at


  1. Julie  |  8 May 2008 at 8:35 AM

    Awesome interview! Nice going TDO girls snagging Michelle. She is genius!

  2. eye4style  |  8 May 2008 at 10:27 AM

    Cute, I love All Lacquered Up:)

  3. Jamie  |  8 May 2008 at 11:12 AM

    Great interview! Michelle is fabulous!

  4. marina  |  8 May 2008 at 8:05 PM

    i love this interview with michelle! i suspected it took forever to do those polish swatches!

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