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Romi TankiniWhy is it that swimsuit shopping always seems so daunting? The endless amount of choices and colors, the unforgiving mirrors that force us to analyze our bodies… It doesn’t sound very fun, but knowing what styles look the best on your body definitely goes a long way. We talked with designer Lisa Curran for tips on what we should consider when buying a new swimsuit.

Bigger is not always better. You might feel inclined to buy a bathing suit that is slightly bigger, to seemingly “hide” more imperfections. Don’t give in to that urge–larger suits will sag, especially when they get wet, and that won’t look good at all.

There are plenty of cute one-pieces and tankinis out there. If you’re uncomfortable showing your tummy, don’t fret. Find a brand that devotes their design focus to one-pieces and tankinis as well. Designers like Lisa aim to design for women of all shapes and sizes and have a large selection of cute one-pieces and tankinis. Lisa’s Shirred V-Neck One-Piece in Cobalt has full bra support and ruching to camouflage trouble spots. Plus, it comes in several pretty colors. Cobalt is our fave because it offers a splash of brightness. For ladies with longer torsos, tankinis work well also. “They will make you look more proportional,” says Lisa. We love the Romi Tankini in Green, pictured above, with its cute print.


Beauty, MakeupEbb & Flow

I’m a sucker for green shadows and am always looking to try another shade. I’ve had my eye on Clinique’s Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio in Ebb & Flow for months now and finally tried it recently.

The green in this palette is a cross between seafoam and moss green, which is super light and pretty. It reminds me of a tea party in the garden. I think this would be a great way to add a bit of color to your summer look, without too much effort. With a simple coat of mascara, the pale green really pops.

Of course, I can’t forget about the two grays in this palette either. The charcoal shade is great for a smoky eye. It’s dark, yet soft and would match well with a bit of blush and a neutral lip. The icy gray shade is fantastic for low-key days or if you just want to highlight the browbone. Basically, this is a palette filled with versatile, “no-brainer” colors that you will absolutely use throughout the entire summer! Pick it up at for $21.50.

Beauty, HairChi Volumizer

Using a flat iron to get more voluminous hair may seem counterintuitive, but the Chi Volumizer promises just that. Unlike traditional flat irons, this Chi has curved heat plates to create flips and curls. In fact, it is half flat iron and half curling iron – designed to help you achieve flips at the end and lift at the roots. I got my hands on this a few weeks ago and have been trying it out.

As a fair warning, I’m neither good with flat irons nor curling irons, so the first few tries resulted in frizzy, half voluminous, sort of flipped hair. This is definitely an advanced iron for those who are more skilled at doing their own hair. However, after a week of trying, I think I finally got the hang of it. Unlike other flat irons, you have to be conscientious at all times about exactly where the iron is on your hair or you’ll end up with some odd crimps. Don’t even try using this iron without sectioning off your hair, and I find that using heat styling products helps the style form easier and last longer.

This Chi does a much better job of helping you get curls and volume than other flat irons – but also requires a bit more practice. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s a super easy way to create an effortlessly stylish look for going out. You can check one out for yourself at Misikko.

BeautyMiss Oops To The Rescue

I’m a total klutz. I can fall UP stairs and if I’m wearing a light color, I’m guaranteed to spill on it. That’s just the way it is and even though it’s annoying, I’ve kind of gotten used to it. But it’s still nice to know that when one of life’s little annoyances happens, I can rely on new and inventive products like Miss Oops to get me though it.

Mother and entrepreneur Jennifer Higgins created Miss Oops to help busy women take care of the little problems that creep up on everyone. Says Jennifer, “I realized there were all these little snafus that take up women’s time, whether they’re scrambling to change outfits to hide a flaw or just worrying about how they look. Miss Oops products either prevent those everyday oopsies or instantly undo them, so you don’t sweat the small stuff.”

I tested out several of the Miss Oops products recently and here are my favorites: READ MORE

FashionStay Cool & Sparkle

Can you believe how warm it is? My goal is to merely stay cool, and I’ve decided that my clothes must work toward that objective. Old Navy has really been stepping up their game lately, and I’ve surprisingly been able to dig up some great finds there.

This Sparkle-Striped Tank is perfect for those sweltering summer days. This white cotton scoopneck tank has gold metallic stripes running through vertically. It also has a three-tier hem and a side-tie at the shoulder. I’m a huge fan of the shape, since it lets your skin breathe; it’s so airy and light that you could wear this all summer long. Get away with it at the office with a bright pencil skirt and a fabulous necklace, or simply with jeans and t-strap sandals on the weekends. I will definitely be picking this up!

Scoop it up at for $24.50.

Home, San FranciscoLocal Love: Rose & Radish

One of the things I really love about San Francisco is that it’s the ultimate gift-giver’s destination. There are so many amazing stores here, filled with treasures I’ve never seen anywhere else – it’s one of the retail highlights (and best-kept secrets) of this lovely city.

A case in point is the lovely Rose & Radish. The shop brings together the owner’s two passions: flowers and art. Which, if you think about it, isn’t as odd a mix as it might seem at first. The results certainly, are anything but. They create some of the most gorgeous flower arrangements you’ll ever see, and they combine it with an art gallery space and a shop to create a space that’s truly extraordinary. Fortunately for those of you outside the Bay Area, they also have a wonderful website.

Rose & Radish just opened a new exhibit called Fête, designed to celebrate summer and the festivities that go along with this time of year. It’s also a preview of their upcoming online registry – something I would have died for back in my wedding planning days.

The owner of Rose & Radish has a really amazing eye for all things unique, beautiful, or just plain fun, and the shop is stocked to the rafters with pieces I’d love to own or give. READ MORE

Paper GoodsFlat Out Shimmer

Cake & Milk Paperie just introduced yummy new goodies on their site and I just had to share! I’m always stocked with fabulous blank stationery – because you never know when you might need it – and Cake & Milk Paperie always has fantastic options. The adorable Angeline, the designer behind this line, recently told me about her latest addition, the Shimmery Flats.

These gorgeous handmade Shimmery Flats are luxurious to the touch; the 105 lb. metallic-sheened cover in charm bracelet or shimmery aqua is paired with bright envelopes, available in 16 hues like Fresh Grass and Strawberry Jam. “I love the dichotomy of masculine and feminine; our Shimmery Flats are a rectangular block of beautiful, fairy dust-like shimmer,” says Angeline. “It also showcases our love of color, and especially captures our new favorite color combination: grey with citrons.”

So the next time you’re writing a thank you note or need to tuck a card into a gift, reach for these! Setting you back only $6.50, they’re a fantastic deal, and will help make a recipient feel just a little more special (versus the standard Hallmark card). Pick up a box at

Beauty, MakeupAnastasia Brows

Anastasia Soare of the Anastasia Beverly Hills salon is considered a brow expert in the beauty industry. She has tons of celebrity clients and her own line of beauty products that spotlight the eye as the focal point of a woman’s face. I recently had the opportunity to try her Five Piece Brow Kit at home, and I immediately jumped at the chance. I’m very much a brow novice, since I always considered my eye brows to be too small and sparse to really shape. This kit definitely proved me wrong!

The Five Piece Brow Kit is an incredible steal at $65, since many of the individual pieces go for well over $20 each on their own. The Kit consists of a set of Anastasia tweezers, brow powder, brow stencils, brow gel, and dual brush (angled brush and spool). All you have to do is pick the stencil that best fits your eyebrow for the perfect arch. For my small brows, the Petite Arch stencil was perfect. Then, you fill in the stencil using the powder and brush. Tweeze any stray hairs that are outside this area, and apply some brow gel. Use the spool to brush into place, and you’re all set. The Kit is available with several different shades of brow powder, so there will definitely be one that suits your hair color. I have black hair, but found the Medium Ash shade to be suitable (the key is not to go too dark).

Check it out at (free shipping since it’s over $25) and let us know what you think!

Beauty, SkincareTDO Beauty Spotlight: Weleda

When was the last time that you felt like you could buy a really good beauty product at your favorite…grocery store? That’s right – one of the top organic beauty brands, Weleda, is sold at my favorite haunt, Whole Foods. I recently had the chance to sample a few items across their line and I have to say that I’ve been really impressed!

ABOUT THE BRAND: Weleda makes products that suit whatever need you may have – from hair care to deodorants. What’s great is that they really take the environment and your health into consideration. Their products are free of all synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colors and mineral oils. Instead, they are filled with natural goodies such as vitamins, natural root and flower extracts and even things that are edible – like coffee and oats. READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupPrescriptives Summer Heat

While many makeup lines are doing mauves and bronzes this summer, Prescriptives is kicking it up a notch with edgy bright colors in their Urban Heat collection. Blue and purple are big on their color palette for eyes, offsetting an otherwise radiant and sun-kissed face. Lips are also played up to stand out in lush tones.

The collection includes their new lip glosses (always one of my favorite products from the brand). My favorite color is Gusty. This shade makes the coral-orange trend wearable for day. The color lasts for a couple hours without fading and stays on in a high-shine finish without being sticky.

Also of interest are their kohl eye pencils, which they introduced in Blue Grotto and Purple Rain. The blue comes out very bright and should be worn very close to the lash line as not to appear like you’re rocking the 80’s style. Done right though, this definitely adds an unexpected pop to your eye makeup look.

Finishing out the collection, Prescriptives also introduces a new range of shades for their cream and powder eye shadows. My favorite is a dark purple mixed with a slate grey for a truly unique smoky eye. The only suggestion I have is that each of these colors be worn separately and with an otherwise nude face. Pairing the fiery lip colors with the bright eye shadows should best be left to an experienced makeup artist, or you could look like a happy kid who just found her mother’s makeup stash. Step by step looks and instructions can be found on the Prescriptives website.

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