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Scarves are always an essential in a wardrobe, but lately, they’ve seem to taken off as a trend. You’ve probably seen them on style icons like Kate Moss and Rachel Bilson everywhere. Plus, we’re spotting them on the streets year-round, whether it’s cold and blustery, or sunny and warm. The number of ways that you could wear a scarf seemed a little daunting, so we asked a few experts for their best tips on how to wear scarves – whenever, wherever.

  • With so many shapes and styles on the market, how do you know what to choose? A safe bet is a long and thin scarf. Contemporary designer Susana Monaco prefers them in an “ultra fine gauge, long rectangle.” We suggest this bright Love Quotes scarf, which is lengthy and vibrant. “If the big scarves seem overwhelming, you can always pin a vintage brooch on them to keep them in place,” advises style expert and designer Katharine Sise. Asli Flinta makes scarves with appliqués that offer the same effect.
  • Naturally, there are as many fabrics to choose from, as there are shapes and styles. This is really a matter of preference and of course, the sensitivity of your skin. Sise finds wool to be a great option in the winter – as long as they’re not itchy! Cashmere is a great alternative for warmth. “Cotton will carry you through the moderate temperatures of fall and spring. Silk is a dressier option and also nice for the summer,” says Sise. Monaco simply advises to choose a type that “makes you feel good.”
  • Now that you’ve got the fabric picked out, you have to figure out what type of color and print you’d like. A scarf should enhance your outfit, whether it matches or stands out. Monaco likes solid colors that pop, while Sise likes prints with solid outfits (and vice versa). Scarf designers Gillian Leigh and Susann Luca suggest a tone-on-tone look. For instance, you can easily spice things up by picking a slightly darker or brighter scarf than the color of your coat.
  • When it comes to wearing a scarf, how do you know if you’ve gotten it right? Monaco suggests studying trends and testing them out on yourself, to see if they fit your style. Look to your favorite celebrities and models for inspiration.
  • With summer, we’re going to see scarves worn in very inventive ways. Sise’s favorite is as a headscarf “with a small, thin scarf…perfect for those summer days when your hair isn’t cooperating!” Her instructions on how to wear one: “If you find a square silk scarf, fold it on the diagonal and then tie at the nape of your neck.” We like J. Crew since they are very affordable, or we recommend a Eugenia Kim version for a bit of a splurge.
  • How should you wear a scarf in each season, according to Monaco:
    • Fall: Around neck to make you feel cozy.
    • Winter: Around neck and ears to make you feel warm.
    • Spring: Back around the neck to make you feel European.
    • Summer: Around hips to make you feel cool and casual after a swim on beach.
  • Need some foolproof methods on how to wear them? Here are some tips:
    • Leigh and Luca advise, “The easiest and fastest way is to bunch it up length-ways, fold in half and place around your neck, and pull the ends through the loop.”
    • “I think its chic and practical to tie a scarf around the handle of your bag. Especially in the summer, when it can be warm outside, but chilly indoors,” notes Sise.
    • Monaco reminds us that scarves can double as travel blankets – so pick a large one for a plane!
  • Finally, if you are looking to invest in a single scarf that you can wear year-round, buy a cotton or thin cashmere version. It will transition through the seasons with ease.



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  • Need more tips? Check out the video below with Katharine!
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    1. katie  |  25 June 2008 at 11:35 AM

      great advice, thanks TDO!

    2. shoppingsmycardio  |  25 June 2008 at 12:07 PM

      what a fantastic piece! that virginia johnson scarf is fantastic! as are all of the leigh & luca scarves..i’m just in LOVE with them!

    3. Jane  |  6 July 2008 at 9:31 PM

      Nice scarf. Thanks for the video.

    4. Leylaa  |  21 August 2008 at 10:33 AM

      Omygoshh , These given tips are like ; AMAZING ! They helped me so much on how to wear a scarf 😉 lol I never thought that it would be soo easy ! Anyways, my fave is the simplest but modern one ; the loop (if that’s what you call it) <3

    5. lanny  |  25 August 2008 at 7:39 AM

      i dont know about anyone else, but the fact that this girl kimberly looks into the camera with a blank stare bothers me. her voice is animated but she looks like blind. i couldn’t concentrate on anything she was saying

    6. suzy  |  26 August 2008 at 9:04 PM

      for some reasom i cant seem to do the second type of scarf tying. is there a slow-mo of showing?

    7. brie  |  18 November 2008 at 4:41 PM

      this sucks!!!

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