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Susie Crippen, the co-founder of J Brand and former Hollywood stylist, is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the fashion industry. Launched in 2005 with denim manufacturer Jeff Rudes, J Brand is known for classic, clean fits that appeal to the everyday woman because they’re comfortable, sophisticated and sexy. Their styles – from the Pencil to the Love Story – are beloved by many women and have propelled J Brand into becoming one of the top denim brands. Susie not only knows what the latest trends are, but she also is definitely a tastemaker! She kindly shared what she is obsessing over this month with us, so click below to see what she had to say:

ONE. Trasierra — Viva la Espana!! I just got back from this beautiful place and, believe you me, I did not want to leave. Trasierra is literally like going to your Great Aunt’s house in Andalusia and she is not there, but her staff is. It is peaceful and quiet, homey and isolated and the food is nothing short of extraordinary. Charlotte Scott and her children, Giaconda and George, treat their clients like house guests. They arrange anything you need – horseback riding, yoga, or hikes – in the most laid-back way that it just contributes to the magical appeal of Trasierra. I have ordered my Spanish tapes and am planning my retirement.

TWO. Marie Mason Apothecary — One of the favorite parts of my day is putting on the perfume oil that Marie custom makes in her Brentwood Mart shop (I swear my heart races every morning); the other favorite part is when people tell me I smell good. I am very particular about scents and I have loved every one Marie has created for me. Marie’s store is amazing and has such great products that she knows and uses so she can tell you firsthand everything about them.

THREE. Todd Hido — I am a big fine art photography lady. I love it – it is my favorite medium and Todd Hido’s work is mesmerizing to me. There is something about his photographs that I can’t stop looking at, and I am always waiting for a person to walk out from behind a tree or a building in them. I love them!

FOUR. Riller and Fount — I am the queen of easy breezy style and our new line falls right into that category. My new favorite “Jenny” is the kind of top you can throw on with a great jean and a big vintage necklace and go, and you are all style, all the time. Not to mention they are so soft and you just can’t beat the price. Did I mention I have 4 of them?

FIVE. J Brand’s new “Rye” wash — I am a classic girl and for Fall, we created a new dark wash called “Rye” that is so old school blue jeans-y with a modern twist; I am counting the days until it hits the warehouse. I am planning to get ALL of my favorite styles in this wash for fall, everything from my skinnies to my bellbottoms and then some.

Thanks so much for sharing, Susie! For more information, go to


  1. ninabee  |  23 June 2008 at 7:48 AM

    I love the dress and jeans… Susie has great style!

  2. beauty in real life  |  23 June 2008 at 4:22 PM

    Those tops are gorgeous! Thanks for pointing out the site! : )

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