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One of the things I really love about San Francisco is that it’s the ultimate gift-giver’s destination. There are so many amazing stores here, filled with treasures I’ve never seen anywhere else – it’s one of the retail highlights (and best-kept secrets) of this lovely city.

A case in point is the lovely Rose & Radish. The shop brings together the owner’s two passions: flowers and art. Which, if you think about it, isn’t as odd a mix as it might seem at first. The results certainly, are anything but. They create some of the most gorgeous flower arrangements you’ll ever see, and they combine it with an art gallery space and a shop to create a space that’s truly extraordinary. Fortunately for those of you outside the Bay Area, they also have a wonderful website.

Rose & Radish just opened a new exhibit called FĂȘte, designed to celebrate summer and the festivities that go along with this time of year. It’s also a preview of their upcoming online registry – something I would have died for back in my wedding planning days.

The owner of Rose & Radish has a really amazing eye for all things unique, beautiful, or just plain fun, and the shop is stocked to the rafters with pieces I’d love to own or give. My favorites change almost daily, but right now, I’m loving these tea towels by Atelier Lzc – though I’d be much more likely to frame them than to use them as actual tea towels. Really, how gorgeous would it be to just tack these up in your kitchen? Or use them as a substitute for hand towels in a guest bathroom?

One of the things I really love about R&R is that their shop inspires me to be a more creative gift-giver. Take this cabbage candle. A little offbeat, to be sure. But pair it with a note calling your loved one “mon petit chou” (translation: my little cabbage…an old French term of endearment), and suddenly it becomes a special inside joke, and that cabbage is a definite conversation piece in any case.

While you’re visiting, don’t miss their 60/40 art section. With every new exhibit, R&R commissions a piece from a fantastic artist to run a very limited edition print. Profits from the sale of the print are split 60/40 between the artist and a selected charity. I do so love justifiable shopping. The piece for this exhibit is by Karen Combs, and it is utterly fantastic.

Much as I love the art and the kitsch, R&R is my absolute favorite source for unique kitchen and table gifts. Take, for example, these darling cupcake bowls. I want to buy a whole group, and put them on a tray on my vanity, to house various pieces of jewelry. Or, this robin’s egg vase is so stunning, it hardly needs flowers – but I’m envisioning it with a single orange poppy sticking out of the top. So chic, and so simple. And trust me, if they’d had that online registry before my wedding, I’d currently own a set of these amazing Gargantua dishes.

So, whether you’re in Marin or Maine, I hope you’ll remember to visit one of my favorite local haunts the next time you’re in the market for something fabulously memorable. For more information, visit roseandradish.com.

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  1. edith  |  22 October 2008 at 7:42 AM

    Very interesting, thank you.

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