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I generally assume my hair is pretty happy – I condition it, I don’t blow dry daily, I don’t color or perm or straighten or highlight. So, when my hairdresser recently told me my hair was seriously dehydrated, I was in something of a panic. How do you fix something you didn’t even realize was broken?

Turns out, though, that all of those flyaways that were driving me crazy were actually broken strands of hair. Who knew? In desperation, I turned to the experts at Bumble and bumble, who instantly suggested I try their 4-step Dehydration Therapy system. I have to admit: a 4-step hair care system sounded a little nuts…after all, I don’t even use that many steps on my face! But, the dry brittle hair is just not something I could abide. So, I gave it a shot.

The 4 steps really aren’t that bad. 1 is shampoo, 2 is conditioner – easy enough. 3 is a leave-in product you put into damp hair; I took to mixing it with my other pre-styling products, and it was fine. Step 4 is a weekly hair mask that you’re supposed to put on and leave in for 10 minutes…I’ll admit I probably only gave it 5, but if you just put it on instead of conditioner and do the rest of your shower activities, you’re done before you know it.

After a month of daily use, I have to say, my hair is definitely happier. Not life-changing, Breck girl happier…but definitely better than it was. To be honest, I think the long-term benefits are still hard to gauge; those pesky flyaways are just going to take a while to grow out. But I’m optimistic! To check out the system (and all of the intensive treatment systems from Bb), visit their website for details, and pick them up at a Bb salon near you.

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  1. Shyre  |  23 July 2008 at 5:43 PM

    I used #1and #3 a few years ago. They worked beautifully. ( My stylist said that if I could only afford two of the four, those were the two to get.) I was just thinking this morning that my hair needed some extra TLC. Now that you’ve reminded me how much I loved them, I’m going to grab some this weekend. Thanks!

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