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Hi everyone, I’m in London right now and will be for the remainder of the week until I jet to Prague for a mini weekend vacation. Even though I’m a product junkie, I consider myself a fantastic packer. A few years ago I spent a month in Europe with only one backpack. Lest you think I was ghetto-ing it out, I came home with a Marni dress, Fendi shoes, a Balenciaga bag, a Prada bag and many other things – all cleverly tucked into that one backpack. Mmm…memories of when the dollar actually meant something.

As for my 10 day excursion this time, I managed to pack similarly light. In my one small suitcase, I packed everything from gym wear (planning on early morning runs along the Thames – ha!) to clubbing wear to work gear – and even a trench coat and a book. Along with my 4 pairs of shoes, I also brought along a little bag of makeup.

I don’t actually like travel sized items; I find that they clutter up my already cluttered apartment so I only have full-sized products. That’s why I need to be clever about what I’m bringing and I need my products to do double or triple-duty. What’s getting me through this week is Chanel Hydramax + Active Teinte. This is truly the crème de la crème of tinted moisturizers. It acts as my moisturizer, my sunblock (SPF 15), my foundation, my coverup, and my bronzer (since I got a slightly warmer shade than my skintone). Hope you don’t think that multi-functioning products suck because this is truly one of my all time favorite products…ever.

Chanel Hydramax + Active Teinte is the perfect consistency. It is heavier than many tinted moisturizers I’ve tried, but it is not greasy at all. I love that it’s a slightly thicker formula because I feel like the foundation part of the product is actually working. Plus it doesn’t run off my face. The product also has a lovely peach bellini scent. It’s a pleasure for me to put on in the morning. I rarely have irritation problems with fragrances so my skin didn’t react to this at all. If your skin is more sensitive, you might want to spot check first.

The product is $55 for 1.4oz. Yeah, it’s a little steeper than your average tinted moisturizer but it’s seriously my most favorite thing of the moment. If you are going on any trips this summer, you must get this! Just think of all the extra room you’ll save in your bag for your foreign fashion purchases!


  1. Valerie  |  26 July 2008 at 6:29 PM

    This is the best product ever. Lasts a long time too.

  2. Ellen Hart  |  27 July 2008 at 7:47 PM

    It’s hard to go wrong with Chanel. My favorite perfume of the moment is Chanel’s Chance. Mmm ..yummy!

  3. Yu Ming Lui  |  27 July 2008 at 11:53 PM

    This sounds like a lovely all-rounder. I travel quite a bit so I’m always looking for products that help me save space. Thanks for sharing!

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