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As a beauty junkie living in New York, I’ve been to my fair share of spas and salons. And all the ones I have blogged about are places I recommend with fantastic customer service that have delivered great results. But when I visited Edris Salon in New York’s Meatpacking district, I did not come out feeling great; I came out feeling exceptional.

I visited Edris for a whole slew of services one Thursday afternoon after work. I was gross, sweaty and running late when I arrived – basically, not cute. At all. And I left feeling like a celebrity – a high that I’ve carried with me every time I think about my experience there.

This salon, named after found and owner Edris Nicholls, is very well known for catering to the most glamorous clientele. In addition to styling countless editorial shoots, the staff regularly works with personalities such as Heidi Klum, John Galliano, Naomi Campbell and Alicia Keys. They also style the Tracy Reese show at NY Fashion Week, which is how I first met Edris (check them out this September). The salon is located in the heart of the Meatpacking District on West 14th and Washington on the 3rd floor in the most Zen, bright open space. I was instantly calmed. The stations are spaced wide apart, while big windows overlook the cobble stone streets and the luxury stores that line them. Like most upscale salons in the city, you’re offered your choice of beverages upon entering. I, of course, chose wine.

Josh: I started with Josh coloring my hair. I had brought along a magazine clipping a model with golden brown hair that I wanted my own variation of. He looked at it for about 2 seconds and then whipped up the precise mixture to achieve the correct shade for my hair to create the beautiful and natural brown. This was more than a month ago and the color is still as vibrant – and I am as obsessed as ever. There are so many shades of brown hair color out there, and Josh picked the exact one that worked for my skin. I had brought the same clipping to my last colorist and while I loved his interpretation of the color, Josh’s doing was so precisely spot-on with what I wanted. In fact, I asked him to write down exactly what he used so I can have it recreated any time in the future!

Sandra: While my color was settling into my hair, I hopped over to Sandra’s station to get a quick manicure, and I have not been able to stop talking about her since. Most of the time while I’m getting my nails done, I have my nose buried in a magazine, but Sandra is such a warm and friendly personality that I couldn’t stop talking to her! What really amazed me was how long my color lasted. Most of my manicures last a week, but the one that Sandra did lasted and lasted and didn’t chip even as my nails grew out. Sandra used the same Essie nail polish that most salons in NYC use, so I honestly believe what made it last so long was the skill in her application technique. I’ve read that the way you apply the polish makes the biggest difference between polish that chips off and polish that lasts. She was, without doubt, one of the top manicurists I’ve ever had do my nails.

Brad: Brad is a senior stylist at the salon, and I had the pleasure of him cutting and styling my hair. I decided to go for a different type of layer (face framing) than I traditionally wear, and Brad customized that style to my face shape. I was also concerned about not getting my hair cut any shorter, while going for a completely different look. My hair is as long as it was before, but the mop of overgrown hair was magically transformed into a new, stylish do. They say that the mark of a good haircut is how beautifully it grows out. I can report that a month and some later, I’m still as obsessed with my haircut as I was when Brad put away the blow dryer and turned me around. The upkeep is so low maintenance that I simply let it air dry and it still retains that stylish shape.

George: Lastly, I stepped over to George’s station and he did my makeup. Personally, I don’t like getting my makeup done professionally because I use a very light touch myself and feel that I always look cakey when other’s do my makeup. George certainly devoted a good hour to my face, but I left feeling naturally glam rather than foreign. As an experienced artist working with models for editorial shoots, he is certainly incredibly talented and knows how to make you look like yourself but better. He made me feel so beautiful that I seriously almost asked him to do my wedding makeup (seeing that I’m not even seeing anyone right now, this was quite the commitment I was asking him to make!)

A few hours at Edris, and my confidence was at an all time high. Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a salon that regularly puts on Fashion Week shows and styles editorial shoots. I would recommend the entire team there to everybody and especially anyone who is looking to get glammed up for a special occasion. I left feeling like a million bucks – not just because of how skilled the entire team is there, but also because I got the model treatment. And that, dear reader, is what sets this exceptional salon apart from all the great ones.

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