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I have to admit: I have a slight obsession with dresses.  Actually, the word “slightly” doesn’t even begin to describe my obsession. I’m not exaggerating when I say I haven’t worn pants since July — July 2007 that is. You are probably wondering how I survived winter (with lots of wool tights and boots) or why I have such a fascination with them. And the answer is that I love the ease and simplicity of dresses. They are easy to put on – zip it up and go – and personally, I feel like they can perfectly highlight the best parts of a girl’s body and can easily transition from night to day with a few well picked accessories.

I came across the Vicente Villarin collection a few weeks ago and have been lusting after the dresses from the Fall 2008 collection: Sculptural Essence of Romanticism. The classic Vicente Villarin woman is “independent…sophisticated but edgy, classic yet modern” and you can really see these juxtapositions in her collection. While you can see the classic draping techniques of her dresses that are reminiscent of the togas you see on classic Greek sculptures, you can also see the edginess of the collection in the black onyx piping detail.

My favorite two pieces are the ones shown here. I feel like the first dress really calls to attention the female form and highlights the classic hourglass shape of a woman. The classic ’50 sweetheart neckline is made more sophisticated by the slate gray silk and the delicate and restrained pleating.

I love the lushness of the teal jewel color in this second dress. The draping on the front is arresting yet subtle and I could totally imagine wearing this and styling it for fall with a black opaque tight. Founder Joanne Cordero Reyes says that her line is meant to be enjoyed by a woman “motivated by life [who] loves to work, travel, enjoys dinner parties and events, and is active in her community” and I can easily imagine wearing any of her dresses from day to night.

The entire collection is beautiful and stunning as well, so be sure to see the rest of it online at

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  1. Lucy  |  11 February 2009 at 6:02 AM

    Hi! I came across your site as I was investigating whether there is an official name for dress obsession. I mean, they really make me feel good. If I go into the dress section of a store, I get high! I get sooo excited. It has caused me to spend a lot of money, but as you mentioned..they are easy…but more than that, they are feminine, flirty and so darn pretty. Some of my fav are DVF, Milly, Malandrino, BCBG! I just love em. But back to my original task!

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