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Editor’s Note: As I was attempting to book a flight for my upcoming trip, I noticed that more and more airlines were charging for that second bag. I almost gasped – not to mention scrambled to find a flight without extra fees – because I have a tiny travel problem. I always overpack – and even worse, my luggage always gets heavier on my return trip. I turned to the lovely ladies of The Jet Set Girls, Anne Fritz & Hope Schmid, for their expert advice. Check out this fabulous guest-written article, full of their best tips!

With more and more airlines charging to check a second bag, and some even your first (looking at you United, American Airlines and Northwest) carrying on your luggage is more important than ever. Not to mention that it can save you up to an hour when you land and a case of the dizzies from watching the baggage carousel go around so many times. Plus there’s no risk of your luggage going to Dallas when you’re headed to L.A.

Our best and most timeless packing secret is: Limit your shoes. We’re still teasing her about it over a year later, but our friend, Heidi once took a second bag to Vegas exclusively for shoes! She brought a whopping 18 pairs. And guess how many she wore? That would be three. Four if we count her flip flops. And that’s about how many you need to pack for a fun-filled weekend away.

Think about it: shoes are heavy and awkwardly shaped, which makes them hard to pack. Extra pairs will weigh your carry on down faster than September’s Vogue.

Here are the four essential pairs you should always travel with:

  • One comfy pair, like a ballet flat or low wedge heel. We wear these to the airport for traveling. They’re easy to slip in and out of at security, if we’re late for our plane we can run in them and we save room in our suitcase for the good stuff.
  • Flip flops. When traveling from a cold destination to a warm, we make sure our flip flops are handy so we can slide them on as soon as the plane’s wheels touch the ground. This is when we know our vacation has started for real!
  • The other two, should be sexy going out shoes, like a strappy sandal in nude or gold. Even those these are both neutrals, you’ll want two pairs of heels. Trust us, we’ve learned the hard way that wearing the same stilettos dancing til dawn two nights in a row can be more painful as getting through the security line at O’Hare.

Happy Travels!

Want more tips? Make sure to head over to The Jet Set Girls!


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  1. Jet Set Girls  |  19 September 2008 at 7:20 PM

    Thanks for posting! Love you guys!

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