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It’s an exciting and very busy time for Nina Garcia right now – a new directorship at Marie Clarie, a new TV show, and a newly released second book.  Although we weren’t able to catch a face-to-face interview with Nina among all the Fashion Week frenzy, she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for TDO that we were dying to know…

The Daily Obsession: What are you looking forward to most about your new directorship at Marie Claire?
Nina Garcia: I am excited to work with the wonderful new group of people at Marie Claire. Everyone is super creative and intelligent and accesible! I am proud to be a part of their team. New beginnings are always energizing.

TDO: Who were your style icons growing up?
Nina: When I was very young, my style icons were my parents. My mother taught me to take pride in what I wore and how I presented myself. She never left the house without being perfectly put together. And my father taught me how to adopt a personal style and stick to it. Growing up in Colombia, I always remember him in his white linen pants and a white guayabera. I could depend on it, like I could depend on the humidity.

TDO: What are your favorite haunts in New York?
Nina: Central Park. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. My local movie theater. The Strand. And the The Lounge at the Four Seasons for those incredible scones.

TDO: What advice would you give young 20 somethings just starting to build their wardrobe?
Nina: Do not fall into a “trend trap,” and do not spend your money on every fad that comes along. Instead, invest in timeless accessories: good shoes, good bags, good belts, good jewelry. And as for clothing, allow yourself to spend a little extra for a great black dress, a bit of cashmere, and a classic trenchcoat. Build from there.

TDO: Do you have any advice for young professionals who want to start in the fashion business but don’t know how.
Nina: You are not going to start at the top. I started with an internship at Perry Ellis, and it was certainly not glamorous. I ran around New York like a madwoman, performing task after task. But I knew I wanted to work in fashion and I understand that I had to pay my dues, so I made up my mind to love that job. Once you make your mind up to work hard and love that work, it becomes a bit easier. If you’re good and you have a great work ethic, everyone takes notice.

Many thanks to Felicia Sullivan of Harper Collins for organizing!

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  1. Felicia  |  19 September 2008 at 5:01 AM

    This looks DELICIOUS! Thanks for participating :)!
    Warmly, Felicia

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