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I’ve been super busy lately and the stress and lack of sleep has my skin looking, shall we say, less than desirable.  I was definitely in the market for a pick me up to help it get back on track, so a few weeks ago, I headed over to Dermalogica for their Face Treatment to get my skin back in fighting shape.

Located on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Dermalogica is right in the middle of one of Los Angeles’ cutest shopping districts, so it’s a perfect day out (alone or with friends) and the beach atmosphere puts you instantly at ease.  When I walked in, I was asked to fill out a consultation card and given a delicious mug of healthy skin tea (I don’t know what was in it, but it was delicious!)  Then I picked out the music that would be playing while I received my treatment, which I thought was a great touch – soothing music is nice and all, but I have to admit, it was kind of fun to listen to “Hits of the 80’s” while having my skin worked on.

Once in the heated bed, my hands and feet were cleansed and my therapist used essential oils for a calming inhalation that promotes relaxation.  My treatment began with a precleanse to dissolve all the surface debris on my skin.  Then a special cleansing gel was used to perform a second cleanse on my skin as it was being steamed to get it completely clean and free of any dirt.

Next came the face mapping, the process the Dermalogica is famous for.  My therapist asked me tons of questions about my skin, how I treated it, what I put on it, did I use sunscreen every day, etc…  This allows them to totally personalize every treatment and to use and recommend the products that are best suited for your skin so you can get the best results possible.

Once the face mapping was done, my skin was exfoliated, giving it a smoother appearance.  This was followed by what I thought was the most interesting part of the treatment, the Galvanic Machine in the negative.  This was something I’d never encountered before, even though I’ve gotten what I would consider a good number of facials.  A small electrode was placed under my shoulder and then another electrode was used to work over my face (it was pain free, I promise!)  This lets the therapist electrically dilate the follicles, which helps soften your compacted pores for easier extraction work (always my most dreaded part of any face treatment, but definitely less painful after the Galvanic Machine).

After the extractions, my therapist applied the Age Smart complex and Multivitamin Recovery Masque.  The Galvanic Machine was then used in the positive polarity, which helps to increase stimulation and allows the products to absorb more effectively while calming down the skin.  (Who knew electricity could be so useful?)  Next, the mask was reapplied to my face and I was given an arm, hand and shoulder massage (so relaxing!)  After it was removed, my skin was given a cool steam to hydrate it, and the Antioxidant Hydramist was spritzed on, followed by an eye product, moisturizer, sunscreen and a lip treatment.

After my treatment, I was given some more of the yummy tea, then sat at the skin bar, where I was given a face mapping sheet that my therapist had filled out with all the products she recommended for my skin, as well as step by step instructions for how to use them.  Then I headed out into the Santa Monica sun, with considerably healthier skin that was refreshed and glowing.  A perfect Saturday pick me up!

Dermalogica on Montana is located at 1022 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  To make an appointment, call (310) 260-8682 or visit their website at

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