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I have to say, my friend Jason Backe is kind of the man when it comes to hair coloring.  You may know him as the color guru at Ted Gibson Salon, but he’s also the spokesperson for Clariol, which is where I first met him.  It was at a luncheon for Clairol’s new at-home system, Natural Instincts, and as a hair amateur, I was naturally skeptical of putting any kind of color into my own hair.

However, after checking out the luxe looking locks of a few ladies he had used Natural Instincts on, I began to get curious and I went up to Jason for a quick consultation.  He suggested that I go for the Golden Cappuccino shade – a gorgeous sparkly brown that would actually show up in my naturally black hair.  So I made sure to get a sample of that color, took it home, and immediately stowed it away in my bag of hair products.

Fast forward a month or so and I’m getting my picture taken for Fashion Week when I realize that my roots are out of control.  To make things even more embarrassing, I run into Jason backstage at a show where I decided to point out to him that my hair was now 2 different colors. As the gracious person he is, Jason offered to color my hair – but in the back of my mind, I still remembered that box of Natural Instincts laying around and decided to give that a shot knowing that Jason would have my back if I messed it up.

Well surprise! Not only did I not mess up, I loved the result so much that I immediately went and got a few more boxes. In fact, I’ve constantly gotten compliments on my color – from friends to hair sytlists. And it was sooo easy, as the box comes with everything you’ll need.  You simply mix the color into the treatment solution, shake and work into roots.  Wait a few minutes, shower, and you’re done!  Natural Insticints also doesn’t have ammonia in their product, so it doesn’t even smell bad! Ironically, the one factor that convinced me to try this DIY – that the color was semi-permanent and comes out in 28 shampoos, turned out ot be the biggest disappointment – as in, I’m sad to see this color go with each wash! Of course, I could keep putting more Golden Capuccino in, but as Natural Instincts offers such a wide range of colors, I’d rather switch it up.

Eventually, I’m going to have to visit Jason to have him do something really cool (and permanent!) to my hair, but for now I’m still riding the Natural Instincts high.  I seriously love this product and for under $10, you really have no excuse not to try!


  1. Aliza  |  3 February 2010 at 4:34 AM

    I was also terrified of colouring my hair.. I’m only 16, but I wanted to switch it up a little.
    My natural shade is medium brown, with redish highlights. I have blue eyes and tanned skin. I tried golden cappucino and loved it!
    My hair is shiny and smooth and everyone is complimenting me on it!

  2. evelyn  |  11 March 2010 at 10:27 PM

    Hi, i want to know if i need two boxes because mi hair is long like yous

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