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When I think of the word “appellation,” I think of the French wine and cheese class that my boyfriend treated us to for our anniversary a few years ago. I may have been too preoccupied with the actual wine drinking and cheese eating, but if I had been paying closer attention, I would’ve known that it refers to the region where grapes for a wine were grown. From that, you can probably guess that Appellation skin care products have something to do with grapes and wine; in fact, their products are made with antioxidant grapeseed extract. And adorably, many of their products come in recyclable wine bottle-shaped containers! I love the packaging concept and how it matches with the product.

Despite being a total stranger to grapeseed extract skin care, I was eager to test the Grapeseed Clay Facial Mask. The weather in Chicago the past week has been so cold, and I needed something to soothe and replenish my poor dry, wind-stung face. The first thing I noticed after applying is how cool and comfortable it felt on my skin as it dried. It also applies smoothly and smells very fresh, unlike some other clay masks which may be more clumpy and smell like…well, clay. After about 10 minutes, I rinsed the mask off with warm water, and my skin felt softer and soothed indeed – just what my face needed.

See the entire Appellation collection at I think you’ll be hard-pressed not to want to snatch up each faux wine bottle, especially when the product inside is so soothing and actually effective on your skin. They just look so charming and would make cute gifts, too!

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  1. Erica  |  22 October 2009 at 9:27 AM

    This product is revolutionary! Not only does it leave a lasting improvement in the condition of my parched skin, the fragrance is clean and not overwhelming at all. I leave a bottle in the powder room as well as in the kitchen. I can’t get enough!

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