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Back in the day, I remember searching the internet for a lash thickening treatment. There was just one back then, which I used and then later heard it got recalled.  Oops – my poor eyes/lashes!  Luckily, now there are many good options on the market and you can try out what works best for you. I’ve discovered DermaQuest’s DermaLash.  It works fab as an eyelash treatment and conditioner – and made my lashes fuller and thicker in just weeks.

DermaLash goes even further than the average lash treatment on the market; it also doubles as an eyeliner so you can get your treatment in in the AM and the PM!  You know how much I love a multitasker! DermaLash Colors comes in plum, black, cocoa and indigo.  The brush is stiff enough that putting it on (and not making a mess) is a cinch.  Plus, I love that this forces me to put my liquid liner on properly, which is on the lash line.  Double duty!  Plus, their colors come from natural minerals so you know you’re not putting anything dangerous close to your eye.  Check it out for yourself at

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