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The first time I met Kathleen (aka joie), she came strolling into brunch with a SpaceNK bag and her first box of Eve Lom Cleanser.  Although I’ve long heard of this cult fave, I’d never tried the product so I intently listened to her explain the changes she saw in her skin for the next few weeks.  We also jumped at the chance to interview Eve Lom and find out from the creator herself what makes that product so iconic.

The Daily Obsession: How did you formulate the cleanser and develop the idea of a cleanser designed around the lymphatic drainage system?
Eve Lom: Developing the cleanser did not happen overnight; it was a process. When I lived in LA, I met renowned skincare specialist Georgette Klinger, who inspired me to become a facialist. I became fascinated by the therapeutic side of beauty, studying lymphatic drainage, cranial osteopathy and nutrition. When I moved to London and started practicing my facial, I also started to develop a cleanser to be used during my facial. I mixed my own concoctions in yogurt cups using ingredients I remembered from my childhood growing up on a farm in Czechoslovakia: natural ingredient such as hops – a natural rinse aid, clove – antiseptic for clear skin, eucalyptus and chamomile – soothing, and cocoa butter.

The cleanser was not developed around the lymphatic drainage. It was more that I developed the facial first and then incorporated the lymphatic drainage aspect, as it is the best method to remove skin toxins and to increase circulation. The cleanser was developed “out of anger” because there was not a product on the market at the time that keeps the skin in good working order. There was a need for a cleanser that rebalances the skin and does what it promised: cleansing and de-congesting skin.

TDO: Your cleanser is considered revolutionary, in the sense that it “breaks” many of the traditional skincare rules we are all used to following. Most women who have a skin care regime are used to using a separate cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer and eye cream. However, your product is different. You aren’t supposed to use any of these other products and just need the one – your cleanser. What is the reasoning behind that and how does your one product provide a woman’s skin with all of the things that we are normally used to getting from 4 different products?
EL: The secret is in the ingredients. The Cleanser contains a powerful blend of highly effective ingredients. When I studied in LA, I had accidentally given a client a facial using an oil-based cleanser. I realized my mistake afterward and was in fear when the woman called back a couple of weeks later asking for me specifically. However, she asked me what I had done to her skin as it was absolutely radiant and soft. This is what I call my “eureka” moment. I realized that an oily complexion is best treated with an oil-based cleanser…similar to a homeopathic philosophy – “treat like for like.” An oily cleanser would best break the natural skin oil without stripping it off the skin or removing it, which is the main cause for that tight feeling after cleansing. For this reason, it was important for me to use essential oils as main ingredients for the Cleanser. I used a blend of hops, clove, eucalyptus and chamomile oils, together with cocoa butter. The hops oil is a natural rinse aid that works as a toner, leaving skin squeaky clean. Clove oil is renowned for its antiseptic action and encourages clear skin. Eucalyptus is a powerful decongestant that opens sinuses and helps to eliminate toxins, leaving skin fresh and glowing. After all the powerful cleansing and toning ingredients are combined, skin is cleansed and decongested. Then I added chamomile oil and cocoa butter that melted into the skin, softening and conditioning it…no need for additional moisturizers. As you can see the secret lies in the miracle pot itself.

TDO: What is the importance behind the muslin cloth that is included with the cleanser? How does it differ from using other materials to cleanse skin?
EL: The importance behind the muslin cloth is that it helps to naturally exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is one of the most important steps in skincare and the best way to achieve healthy and radiant looking skin. By exfoliating everyday, you get rid of the dead skin cells and allow the new cells to come to the surface. Not removing the dead skin cells every night or on a regular basis will results in a dull, tired complexion. By allowing the new skin cells to move to the surface you also allow your skin to breathe and to look fresher and younger.

In terms of materials, I am always asked how my muslin cloth is different from other muslin cloths. However, you need to feel the difference to understand. The Eve Lom muslin cloths are specially woven cloths that do not irritate the your skin, but gently exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells.

TDO: What is your personal daytime regime for your skin? What do you do to protect it from the daytime elements?
EL: After I have cleansed and exfoliated my skin in the evening, there is not much need for a special skincare regime in the morning. So, my daily skincare starts with a splash of fresh water to wake up and feel refreshed. Depending on where I am I will apply Day Cream to the areas that need moisture or Moisturizer + SPF15 when I am traveling, such as the South of France. Then I apply TLC cream generously to my neck and décolleté, which is the best way to achieve soft and ageless skin. I finish by applying Hand Cream SPF10 and packing a little pot of Kiss Mix in my bag.

TDO: What are the things that women in their 20’s should do to protect their skin and keep it looking great years later?
EL: They should exfoliate and cleanse. The most important step in the 20’s is to look after your skin and start establishing a regular skincare regime. Every night before going to bed cleanse the face to remove everyday grime and make-up to decongest skin. Gently exfoliate skin at the same time with the muslin cloth for fresh looking skin. If you do this every night, you will see a difference and you will also avoid getting blackheads and congested areas, especially around the T-zone, which is very common for women in their 20’s.

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  1. melissa  |  19 November 2008 at 6:11 PM

    I love the Cleanser. I went into Space NK in my local mall while I was pregnant last winter, looking for natural beauty products and they gave me a sample of this. I quickly became addicted and now use it every night. Since I have super dry skin, I follow it with Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil and leave it on over night. I’m 39 and my skin looks amazing with this very low maintenance regimen. Thank you for interviewing her!

  2. Jennifer  |  2 December 2008 at 8:25 AM

    I love Eve Lom Cleanser – I’ve been using it (on and off) for about 2 years, and my skin is just amazing – no breakouts, nothing. I think the real stunner is the muslin cloth – I use it with any cleanser – Cor Silver Soap, Cetaphil, Bliss Youth As We Know It Cleanser, etc. I also think it works really well instead of a tissue to remove The Lip Srub.

    I also used it when I was pregnant, but avoided it during my 1st trimester because all of the essential oils made me a little bit nervous.

    I follow it with The Youth As We Know It Cream and Concentrate. It’s amazing!

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