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3Lab’s Perfect Mask is the most aptly named product I’ve come across lately.  Seriously, I have one on my face as I’m typing this.  I’m actually squinting through the eye holes because I already took my contacts out and can’t wear my glasses over it. But I can’t get enough of this mask…it is in every sense, perfect.

Unlike masks you might be used to, there’s no scrubbing or smearing necessary with 3Lab.  The mask comes in single packets; it’s an actual sheet soaked with treatment that you unfold and then place over your face.  Then let the mask do all the work while you carry on- albeit looking like the Phantom of the Opera.  You might feel a bit of tingling in the beginning, but that goes away after a few minutes.  I let the mask soak into my skin for a while – usually the length it takes to finish a task – and then simply rub the rest of the treatment into my skin.  Ladies, my skin is glowing after only one application.  I mean seriously glowing that I don’t even need makeup the next day.  The type of glowing that I’m constantly sneaking peeks at my own face in the mirror because I can’t believe how gorgeous my skin is.  And of course, there’s no product residue or anything of the sort – nothing that would make this mask less than perfect.

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  1. Mischo Beauty  |  20 November 2008 at 1:23 PM

    LOVE that mask! Oh, and I love the 3LAB WW Eye Cream too. 🙂

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