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Longtime readers may know that Shobha was my preferred place to get waxed before I underwent laser therapy and never had to see the inside of a waxing jar again. That, however, didn’t stop me from returning to Shobha when I had to get my eyebrows done before my recent vacation.

I already have sparse yet unruly eyebrows so my preferred method is threading – which Shobha is famously known for. Threading is a very precise method of removing hair in a line formation to achieve an exact and angular brow. And when it comes to eyebrows, I am all about the precision. It is also the gentlest form of hair removal as it avoids the skin all together and perhaps the most hygienic since there are no chemicals or tools used besides a spool of thread. In fact, dermatologists recommend threading for anyone on topical  medications since skin is not irritated in the process. The pain factor of threading amounts to that of tweezing but goes away much quicker.  It’s an interesting sensation as you can actually fell each hair coming out in a linear succession. Shobha is so committed to this form of facial hair removal that they do not offer any alternatives (such as waxing or sugaring) for the brows.

Sure I could get my eyebrows threaded for $10 at the hole in the wall down the street but as I always want to put my best face forward- why risk it? I’d rather have the highly skilled aestheticians at Shobha do it for peace of mind- and a guaranteed good result.  That’s why Shobha is the go-to place for New York city gals in the know.  At least four different people have mentioned it to me as the only place they trust for their brows.  The colorful decor cheers me up every time and the staff is super attentitive.  Threading at Shobha starts at $20 and lasts for weeks so you’re hardly breaking the piggy bank.  Not to mention, soon you too will be one of those gals (or guys) that only swear by Shobha.

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