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At the end of each year, we compile our favorite beauty products – and this year is no different. Each TDO editor has chosen two products that she discovered and became completely obsessed about this year. Together, you’ll find ten products (listed in no particular order) that are our Best of Beauty for 2008!

1. Lancome Oscillation
2. Clinique Moisture Surge
3. Lipstick Queen Medieval
4. 3Lab Perfect Mask
5. Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow
6. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess
7. Clairol Natural Instincts
8. Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit
9. Chanel Haute Chocolat
10. Eve Lom Cleanser

Want to know why we love them? Find out behind the cut. 

1. Lancome Oscillation — At first, the idea of a vibrating mascara wand seemed like an unnecessary luxury to me. I didn’t find the process of applying mascara to be that difficult or time consuming, so I wasn’t exactly sure what the vibration would really do for me. But after trying Oscillation, I wondered why all mascara wands weren’t designed to be vibrating. This wand deposits pigments so evenly and thickly onto my lashes that I could star in a mascara commercial based on their lengths alone. The formula is buildable, lasts all day, is non smudgable, and even holds the curl of my eyelashes perfectly. – joieicon

2. Clinique Moisture Surge — I did not know how much I loved this product until I ran out.  Despite having many other moisturizers in my cabinet, I became filled with anxiety when the jar was nearly empty.  I went through two jars in five months and I used my fingers to get out every little bit each time.  This moisturizer went on light and airy, but imparted so much moisture that my skin always looked glowy.  I wish I had an endless supply! – thedailyobsessionicon

3. Lipstick Queen Medieval — Of all the lipsticks that I tested for my Lipstick Guide for Gloss Girls, this was hands down my absolute favorite. I never thought I could ever carry off red lipstick until Medieval came long. It’s the perfect amount of coverage and a universally flattering pigment. – ninabee

4. 3Lab Perfect Mask — Of all the masks I’ve tried this year, this one still stands out as the best due to the ease of use and instant glow factors. Plus, it’s travel-friendly, which means I can have perfect skin whenever, whereever. – perfumed

5. Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow — This is the year I discovered Chanel eyeshadows and I can’t believe it took me this long. The colors are all gorgeous, ranging from pastels to dark shades, and they go on smoothly and last all day. The quads also come in their own black velvet pouches – very elegant! My personal favorite is the Smokey Eyes Quad. It’s the perfect four shadows to blend together for an evening look. I haven’t stopped using it since I got it! – productwhore

6. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess — I don’t fall for fragrances easily, but this year, I willingly admit that I got totally obsessed with Bronze Goddess. This sexy, summery fragrance is the perfect blend of coconut and beach, making you feel like you should be on a tropical island. It was so good that I couldn’t stop spritzing it all summer long! This one was limited edition, so it’s no longer available at most retailers…check eBay– thedailyobsessionicon

7. Clairol Natural Instincts — My favorite at-home box color since the chances of screw up is very close to 0%. Plus, there’s no ammonia so you won’t faint while locked in your bathroom doing your hair, and the demi permanent color gives you the option to change your look every month. – perfumedicon

8. Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit — The Red Carpet Facial Kit is what I can thank for letting me discover how great Kinara products are. The 3 step process is amazingly quick and easy (that you can even do it in the morning before work) and leaves my skin glowing and gorgeous every time. Plus, the kit is a great value and lasts forever. I love it so much that I even packed it for my trip to NJ during the holidays. I hate the thought of being without it! – productwhore

9. Chanel Haute Chocolat — It seems like every year, I become obsessed with one nail color that really represents the season to me. I fell in love with Chanel’s limited edition Haute Chocolat, a deep, rich brown with gold flecks that is so sophisticated and classic for the holidays and cooler months.  Yet another product we loved that you can now only find on eBay– ninabee

1o. Eve Lom Cleanser — The ultimate in cleansers and the best that I’ve ever tried, this cleanser lived up to the incredible hype that I’ve been reading about for years. It calmed my rebellious skin, and put me in a state of zen after washing my face. Its multipurpose functions simplify the cleansing process and the cleanser is great for people of all skin types, and all ages. I brought this home for my mom to test as well and she loved it, begging for me to give it to her for the next major occasion. – joieicon

What were your favorites for 2008?

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