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Editor’s Note: All of us here send our best wishes for the New Year and look forward to spending 2009 together with you.  We will be back on the 2nd.

New Year’s is that one holiday every year that I really really look forward to.  In the same way that some people deck out for St. Patrick’s Day, or Halloween, or Christmas, I go all out festive on New Year’s.  This year I’ve compiled 12 of my favorite champagne themed products of the year – whether they be champagne colored, scented, flavored or the real deal.  It won’t be too difficult to guess what theme I’ll be rocking all night tonight.

Champagne in Hand

1. Essie Nail Polish in Imported Champagne: This sparkly golden beige polish straddles that delicate balance between gloss and frost and creates a very beautiful champagne finish.  Unlike purely glossy colors, the shimmer lets you get away with a little bit of careless in the application.  I did mine at home just yesterday in anticipation for my New Year’s party and they look fab.

2. Lauren Merkin Lucy Champagne Clutch: For those of you who like to accent your outfit with a fab accessory, this Lauren Merkin champagne colored, vintage-inspired, lambskin clutch fits in your hand or under your arm. The bubble metallic lambskin dresses it up for the evening and adds just the right amount of sophistication.

Bellini Bling

3. Catherine Nicole Diana Earrings: I’m wearing these to my New Year’s party this year, which will look great contrasted against my black outfit. I love this pair specifically because they are just big enough to be noticeable and just discreet enough not to be tacky. Made of topaz Swarvoski crystal and 14k gold, this pair mixes just the right amount of precious and costume. Priced at $98, you can pick it up just for New Years but you’ll want to wear all year round.

4. David Yurman Champagne Citrine Albion Ring: This beauty is a real investment, but one that I decided I was going to gift myself for 2009.  I love Yurman’s signature designs and champagne citrine is my go-to gem.  Plus, an investment in a cocktail ring is one that pays off party after party, year after year.

Sparkling Sensations

5.  Ayala: Champagne and Champagne Cocktails are my favorite orders at the bar.  It might be a little dangerous to down too many at the bar, but New Year’s is the time to get a little rowdy.  Fine champagne now has a new competition in the States, Ayala, which worked its way over from France this year. Champagne Ayala is referred to as the “Purest Champagne” because it offers a couture, zero dosage (no added sugar) selection including a brut, a rose and a prestige cuvee, so you can enjoy a few more bubbles without the guilt.

6. POP Champagne: This self-proclaimed unconventional champagne  comes in personal sized bottles complete with a straw, allowing you to enjoy the party without having to hit the bar for refills on your glass.  Really, it’s more chic than trashy. It’s a light and simple wine that also makes a killer mimosa for the morning after.

Beauty and the Bubbly

7. Stila Kitten Silk Eyeshadow Wash: My perennial favorite, universally flattering, brightening, champagne eye shadow just got even better. The liquid-to-powder version  goes on perfectly smooth without a brush and now even doubles as a highlighter. Creates a beautiful glimmer to your evening look.

8. Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Beige Champagne:  When it comes to champagne on the lips, the color can be a bit tricky.  Too light and you could easily look washed out.  Too shimmery and you could look like your Crayola glitter box. And for New Year’s, I prefer a lipstick over gloss for simplicity’s sake. Givenchy’s Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick on Beiglie Champagne fits the bill.  Though named Beige Champage, this shade is actually a rosy beige, containing the right touch of pink to add liveliness to your look.  The satin finish goes light on the frost, but creates a sexy, light reflecting finish.

9. Clairol Natural Instincts Champagne Indulgence Collection: While this doesn’t launch until March 2009, I am already jealous that my blonde haired friends get to play with this new shimmer hair color collection. This collection, inspired by the color and cheer of champagne, offers four natural sparkling shades to highlight blonde hair.

Intoxicating Home

10.  Tocca Candela Mimosa: This to-die-for holiday candle is actually my favorite among all my home fragrances of the moment.  The wonders at Tocca managed to capture the scent, twinkle and spirit of a freshly uncorked bottle of champane into a luxurious candle.  If your celebration tonight is more of a family affair at home rather than kissing strangers at a bar, be sure to share the warmth of this fragrance with your loved ones as you cheer on the New Year.

11. The Widow Clicquot: For the curious champagne connoisseur who also appreciates a good history lesson and biography, pick up a copy of  The Widow Clicquot. This book delves into the fascinating story of how one young widow (veuve in French) built the empire that is now one of the most recognizable labels in Champagne. The book also details the process of creating champagne and the story of how it’s become what we know of it today.  A top pick if you’re into history, sparkling wine, a good story, or to start fulfilling your New Year’s resolution of reading more books.

12.  Riedel Vitis Champagne Glasses: A special bottle of bubbly and a special occasion calls for special stemware. Riedel, the wine glass experts, makes a set of one of the most elegant flutes on the market, the Vitis.  This beautiful crystal glass not only showcases your fine wine, but is also designed to achieve enhanced taste.  The sides of the Vitis bowls flare outward before narrowing towards the rim which allows the even release of champagne bubbles and capture the aroma. These tall graceful glasses complements your choice of fine champagnes and sets a sophiscated air for your party.


  1. Anne  |  31 December 2008 at 6:34 AM

    What a fabulous post! Imported Champagne used to be my fav Essie color, thank you so much for reminding me of it. I am so getting a mani today!


  2. katee (e-polishblog)  |  1 January 2009 at 12:18 AM

    Happy New Year everyone!!

  3. Noel  |  2 January 2009 at 8:49 AM

    Really cute post; too bad I’m not old enough for the actual champagne :-P. Happy new year!

  4. ninabee  |  2 January 2009 at 8:58 AM

    Oooh, I love the clutch and earrings! This is my favorite champagne-scented beauty product:

  5. casey  |  7 January 2009 at 10:23 AM

    Oh! I love those Catherine Nicole earrings! So sparkly!!

  6. Natalie  |  7 January 2009 at 10:24 AM

    Those earrings are just AMAZING! 🙂 Catherine Nicole has some really great pieces!

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