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It may not surprise you that as a sometimes oily skinned gal, I never ventured into the world of oil-based cleansers.  In fact, my first foray into this apparently popular type of cleanser was because I thought Lancome’s Huile Douceur was a pretty color in a nice bottle. Kudos to Lancome’s design team for making the packaging so pretty that it attracted me to try a product I would otherwise have never picked up.  Good thing it’s also good for oily skin.

To my surprise, Huile Douceur quickly started replacing all the other facial cleansers I was testing because my skin just felt super comfortable after each use (so much that I sometimes forget to put on cream!).  My sometimes oily skin also suffers from being occasionally dry, and this cleanser addressed both problems by moisturizing and removing excess sebum simultaneously.  As Huile Douceur is oil based, it also removes waterproof (and regular) eye and face makeup easily and effortlessly without any scrubbing.  Just rub this over your closed eyes to take off even the most stubborn mascara! I also happen to like the fresh floral smell of the product.

As for the actual texture of the product?  I can barely tell it’s an oil cleanser as it goes on light and there is absolutely no greasiness on my skin whatsoever.  In fact, it rinses off very easily though I do use it with an exfoliating towel. It’s actually balanced out my oily areas by not stripping the skin of it’s natural oils and hence, stimulating it to produce even more while moisturizing my dry patches. The product is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores – making it suitable for all skin types. The result? A very happy beauty editor that has now been converted into the world of oil based cleasners.

Huile Douceur can be purchased at or your local Lancome counter.iconicon

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