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Early holiday hours means that a lot of my last minute beauty emergencies need to taken care of  by the lone 24/7 drugstore down the block from my apartment.  Lucky for me, it’s a Duane Reade, the sole carrier (in the US currently) of one of UK’s top selling products: The Simple Wipes.  I had plenty of this on hand this week when my entire family crammed into my New York apartment for Christmas celebrations.  They, of course, didn’t bring toiletries (as no one should when visiting me) and while my mom used my floral scented cleanser of the moment, the men opted for a simpler (ha!) route. Simple Wipes are oil and alcohol free and contains no fragrance, which was a big plus for the men. It’s a great way to take off the grime of the city in a gentle and effective manner.

Simple Wipes are $6 for 25, which means stocking the bathroom full of these barely dented my Christmas allowance.

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