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When I was a kid, I was obsessed with the “Anne of Green Gables” series, and I was always jealous by the talent she had for giving beautifully descriptive and flowery names to places she loved.  One of her favorite places in town was Violet Vale, “a little green dimple in the shadow of Mr. Andrew Bell’s big woods” that has “millions of violets in the spring.”  In my mind, if there was a perfume that would represent the essence of what that place would smell like, it would be Van Cleef Arpel’s Feerie.

The strongest top note of the fragrance is violet, which is a unique and unusual scent that distinguishes Feerie.  Due to the strength of the top violet note, I would classify Feerie as a powdery floral yet woodsy scent, with hints of red currant and mandarin that tie it together nicely and prevent it from being too overpowering.  It is a sophisticated light scent that would wear well for day without being too overwhelming or intense.

The whimsical and luxurious design of the Feerie bottle is also beautiful with an ornately cut round sapphire blue bottom, and a fanciful fairy figurine on top, who is featured perching effortlessly on a branch.  Granted, the fairy figurine on top combined with the bottom doesn’t make this bottle very light to tote around, but it does make a beautiful sculptural statement on your nightstand table.  I think of this perfume as perfect for any young cousin or little sister who is on her way to growing up, because they  will love the playful design of the bottle and at the same time be ready for the youthful, graceful and not too sweet fragrance with hints of girlishness.


  1. Kristina  |  26 December 2008 at 12:57 PM

    Oh my gosh! I’ve read the Anne series and watched the movies at least two dozen times since I was in fourth grade! Now I need to smell that perfume.

  2. joie  |  29 December 2008 at 3:18 PM

    Yes, definitely give it a try! It’s a light, sweet violet scent. I loved the books as a kid, I haven’t seen the movies before but I definitely have to watch it!

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