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As a former Seattleite of seven years, it’s fair for me to make the claim that Seattle usually enjoys only two seasons: rainy and summer.  So it was definitely a welcome sight to locals and travelers alike when the Four Seasons landed in Seattle last November.  Even during the gloomiest weeks of winter, the Four Season provides it’s residents the warmest level of service and luxury to cheer anyone up.

On my last trip to Seattle, I was fortunate enough to stay at the Four Seasons and was thoroughly  impressed with the gorgeous rooms and impeccable service.  As with all Four Seasons properties, the Seattle hotel provides best in class amenities and service across the board.   However, what I think is particularly unique to Seattle is the genuine and down-to-earth friendliness of the staff, never making you feel uncomfortable with anything over-the-top. The rooms and accommodations, while certainly up to par with any luxury hotel, are more zen than grandiose.  This is not to say that this Four Seasons doesn’t pay attention to detail – far from it.  My bathroom was equipped with a TV built into the mirror, the stone shower had the most amazing rain shower head, and the toilet is privately located with its own door.

Before I checked into the hotel, I was amused that it was right next door to a Seattle adult club that I read they had unsuccessfully tried to shut down.  Located on First and Union, The Four Seasons is located in the artsy part of town that is quickly going upscale with the opening of new restaurants, boutiques and condo units.  Those that wonder why the Four Seasons would choose to open there instead of a few blocks away in the traditional city center have obviously never had a chance to observe the view from one of their rooms.  Elevated just a couple of streets from Puget Sound, guests at the Four Seasons enjoy an unparalleled view of the water.  I can only imagine how breathtaking it would be to wake up to that view on a summer morning.  The pool at the Four Seasons is also the only infinity pool in a Seattle hotel, and the only one I’ve seen that’s not already located on the beach – a nice, unique touch. As for the Lusty Lady next door, the grand foyer of The Four Seasons opens in the opposite direction so visitors don’t really even see it.

The hotel is also equipped with a full service spa and restaurant – both amazing on their own.   I was lucky enough to try both and will share details in upcoming reviews.  Seattle has certainly grown from grunge to upscale.  When I left it three years ago,  the Four Seasons had started building.  High rise condo units were coming up on every street corner and the ultra luxury department store Neiman Marcus was looking at property space. The Four Seasons has certainly done it’s part in helping transform Seattle into a modern, worldly city. And now it’s devotees will have a new place to visit and stay.

The Four Seasons is located at 99 Union Street, Seattle, WA.


  1. katee  |  27 January 2009 at 10:35 AM

    That hotel room looks absolutely beautiful!

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