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Each of us at TDO have a stack of beauty and fashion resource books, and Curve Rule & Flat is Fabulous by Elycia Rubin and Rita Mauceri is my new go-to reference.

I really love that this book empowers women and tells them to love the shape they’ve got.  Elycia and Rita don’t believe in the cookie-cutter body types of “boyish” or “pear” – and instead, know that women can be a combination.  Thus, they’ve got strategies for dressing for different body parts. They created a mix-and-match system with playful, fun tags like “Belly Babes,” “Curvies,” and “Tatas.”  So for instance, if you’re one of the “Hipsters” and also fit into the “Busties” category, you’ll find tips that address both those areas.

This book is divided in various sections such as Beachy, Lacy, Casual, Loungy and Sophisticated; each section devotes time to key basics that help empower all of us to dress better in our daily lives.  For instance, it’ll break down stragies for wearing a Straight Leg jean for “Booties and Hipsters,” “Belly Babes,” “Leggies,” and “Dainties.”  In addition to adorable illustrations, this book is chock full of REAL women throughout each section that illustrate the tips they’re giving, so you can an immediate visual without having to try on everything in your wardrobe. They even delve into the “Lacy” (i.e. intimates), offering advice on how to wear a Soft Cup Bra for “Busties” – full coverage is key – and “Tatas” – stick to a triangle style with an elasticized band.

Truly, this book is so fantastic that even the most stylish women could probably learn a thing or two.  I certainly found a few things that I was doing wrong (beachwear is a tough one for me!) and I highly recommend picking this up for some fabulous tips to improve your fashionable life.  

Order at for $18.95.

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  1. Kristina  |  11 January 2009 at 6:31 AM

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention! It’s so frustrating to read those “body type” suggestions and to be both “petite” and “pear shaped” for example and to have the suggestions contradict eachother.

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