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One thing about traveling is that you don’t always have time to sit down for a fancy meal.  This was the case my last day in Miami where I just wanted to eat something fast, fresh and cheap before I headed to the airport.  Lucky for me, Florida is the home of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, which serves up all the convenience of your neighborhood Chiptole, but with so much more variety, sass and flavor.

Living in New York means that I experience a serious dearth of good Mexican food and was more than happy to try the lively food at Lime Fresh.  The South Beach location was absolutely packed that Sunday at noon, but I did find a table in the outdoor seating area and started with the frozen sangria.  Though I don’t usually start my drinking so early in the day, this sangria slurpy was so tasty and incredibly refreshing, especially when coupled with the food. Unlike a lot of fast and casual eats, Lime Fresh actually serves a full menu complete with appetizers, entrees, sides and dessert, so I ordered off of each section and soon had more food than I could possibly eat.  (To be fair, I was also dining with two other girls.)  One really memorable item was their hot salsa – the really hot one (It’s yellow.  Lime Fresh impressivley has over 70 hot sauces, but of course, I went for the hottest one).  I am a seasoned spicy food eater, preferring to put hot sauce on everything, so when the server warned me that this was ridiculously spicy I sort of just smiled and told her that I could handle it.  Well, my eyes started tearing up when I put just a drop of that in my mouth, but I could not stop eating it because it was so good!  I put it all over my food, making conversation very awkward with my lunchmates as I was crying the entire time – but I’m telling you, it was worth every tear.

I sampled everything from the Fajita Salad to Fish Tacos to Cheese Quesadilla to a Chicken Burrito. You really can’t make a wrong choice at this place.  Food comes out quickly and is tasty and fresh. The atmosphere is really lively, and it was easy to  passed a couple of hours (at lunch no less!) without feeling like I should leave.  Lime Fresh has all the convenience of a fast food joint, but with the quality and service of an upscale sit down restaurant. By dessert time, I could barely eat but had to sneak in a few bites of their signature Key Lime Pie and Warm Chocolate Brownie.  Delish!

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is currently expanding in the Florida region, but their publicist mentioned that the owner may have plans to open outside of the state.  Here’s to hoping they come to New York soon!

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