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As I mentioned last Friday, I was planning on checking out Pure Yoga, the newest (and arguably nicest) studio to land in New York,  this past weekend. Though I wasn’t able to make it to the public workshop they held, I did get my hands on a three day guest pass and subsequently maxed it out.

When I mentioned last time that Pure is very upscale and exclusive, some readers thought that didn’t quite fit the message a yoga studio should send.  The Pure studio in New York is opened by Equinox Fitness, and they follow the same model as the gym – an intiation fee and annual membership. The classes are members-only (no drop ins), but their club model keeps the facilities impeccable, the class sizes small, and the instructors top notch. Unlike other  yoga studios, Pure offers 19 various yoga disciplines and are one of the very few studios in New York that offer a hot vinyasa class.  Other types range from Jivamutki to Pure Core, a fusion of downward dogs and traditional body sculpting. An average of 16 classes are offered per day, starting as early as 6am and as late as 8pm.  The 20,000 sq feet space includes six separate studios, gorgeous Zen waiting/ meeting spaces, a small shop, and perhaps the most expansive locker rooms I’ve ever seen in New York.

Unlike other places I’ve practiced in New York, there are usually no more than 20 people per class at Pure.  Since I don’t particularly enjoy having other people sweat on me, the amount of personal space I got at Pure was greatly appreciated.  Pure takes into account the lives of busy New Yorkers so they already set out mats, props, and towels for you in the studio. This detail was a lifesaver for me as the studio is located a bit out of my way, and I did not want to be carrying around my mat and towels on the subway.  Also, there are people constantly cleaning, scrubbing, and washing so I feel a lot more confident using shared items.

The locker room at Pure is also particularly noteworthy.  Just one shower stall alone is about the size of my entire bathroom at home.  The towels are oversized  and they even use Super Solano professonal blow dryers so you don’t have to stand there forever blowing out your hair.  For the first time ever, I actually preferred using the locker room to cleaning up at home.

Pure sources top instructors from all over the city, and I’ve found that in my classes they pay particular attention to individual students.  In my hot vinyasa class, I even got a soothing cooling massage, which made my session that much more enjoyable.   Pure also employs color  therapy lighting, which helps soothe and relax the mind while you work through your asanas.

For those who have the means and the dedication to practice often,  Pure Yoga provides the perfect oasis in this city.  Membership details are located on their website.

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