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Ahh Valentine’s Day. I have to say I’m incredibly happy that Fashion Week starts today, which means I’ll be celebrating February 14 the only way it’s meant to be done – fashion shows all day and then partying with La Perla at 1Oak. But whether you have a hot date or will be bumming around with the gals (or yourself), make sure that you do something that will be good for your heart.

1. Eat Well. One of my favorite new discoveries is a custom artisanal cereal site called where you can mix up your own morning meal by choosing a variety of wholesome, healthy ingredients.  The site is incredibly user friendly, making the process as informative and fun as possible. You drop your choice of ingredients into a bowl and their nutrition tracker automatically updates.  They even have their own recipe for a mix called i <3 my <3, a nutritious mix of oat bran, cranberry, strawberry, walnut, soy nut, chia and flax – all ingredients that have beneficial properties for your most important organ. I even brought my can of cereal to work to munch on it all day long.  The mix is so delicious, but if you have specific preferences, MeAndGoji lets you add or subtract individual items. Just make sure you don’t load up on too many servings of their divine choco-cranberries and you should be good.

2. Dress Well.  There’s nothing like looking fabulous to cheer up the heart, but it’s even better when your fashion choices also benefits a good cause.  Rock & Republic’s Rock the Cure collection includes some of the most flattering jeans I have ever tried and 100% of their profits go to City of Hope.  The Kasandra style is my favorite for an evening out as it is cut close to the body in a dressy dark wash. The collection also includes pieces for men as well as a glossy clutch that’s totally affordable.

3. Laugh Often.  Laughing might be the best medicine for all sorts of heart conditions. Studies show laughter can help prevent heart disease and help people live longer by alleviating stress. And of course, laughter also helps to heal a broken heart. SpaceNK has created a set that is inspired by laughter and seeks to bring out the same happy feelings. Their ultimate experience kit includes Eau de Toilette, shower gel, body lotion, bath oil, bath tablet, soap and votive candle. This scent is actually SpaceNK’s top selling fragrance and aims to capture the carefree, uplifting spirit of the Spanish Mediterranean Costa del Azahar, where I imagine laughter is abundant.

4. Stay Fresh.  Did you know that oral care is directly linked to heart care? According to dentist Jennifer Jablow of Park 56 Dental, the link is actually frightening! For example, young adults who lose their teeth to cavities or gum disease may have an increased risk of heart disease later in life.  A number of studies have suggested that gum disease contributes to heart disease over time. In fact, a study of almost 42,000 American adults over the age of 40 found that heart disease was present in 4.7 percent of those with no tooth loss, 5.7 percent of those with one to five teeth missing, 7.5 percent of those with six to 31 teeth missing, and 8.5 percent of those with total tooth loss. What is one easy way that you can take care of your gums but odds are you don’t?  Easy – floss!! Glide Whitening Plus Scope Flavor is not only easy to use but also helps with keeping your smile white and your breath fresh.

This Valentine’s Day make sure you take care of yourself and your heart.  Have a great one!

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