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Editors’ Note: We’re happy to introduce our friend Sara Steele-Rogers, girl about town in Boston, to guest blog for us on what’s hot and hip in her home city.  Be sure to follow her series to keep up to speed on the going-ons of our favorite New England city.

The Fort Point area of Boston has certainly been through a myriad of changes through its history. Transitioning from a major participant in the wool trade, to textile mills and warehouses for manufactured goods, the area truly began to “find” itself when discovered by Boston’s artist community in the 80’s. Fort Point quickly rose to hold the largest concentration of visual art studios in New England, and with the neighborhood’s recent development, restaurants, lounges, bars, and boutiques have slowly been emerging as some of the be-seen places in the city.

Enter Drink. Located below the hustle and bustle of Congress Street, Barbara Lynch (of No.9 Park, Stir, Butcher Shop, B&G Oysters fame) has penetrated Fort Point through the inception of this libation destination. The sleek, dimly lit, and slightly industrial space is filled with all types: businessmen, 20-somethings, cougars, tourists. It’s all here.

A place named Drink without a drink menu? You’ve got it. Employing the best mixologists in the city, one simply tells the bar tender what they’d like. No particular named cocktail in mind? Tell them your preferred tastes, flavors, liquors, and herbs. A large oak island behind the bar displays a countless number of fresh herbs and small bottles filled with any number of flavorings, extracts, and bitters (14 different kids!). Many of Drink’s core beverage components are made in-house, including block-chipped ice, club soda, tonic water, and an incredibly spicy ginger beer.

Patience is a virtue at Drink, but the wait is well worth the experience. Watching them carefully concoct your drink using eyedroppers, shot glasses, and teaspoons confirms that mixology is a science in and of itself. If you hit it right, your bartender will walk you through the preparation process, let you taste and smell the different ingredients.  It goes without saying that if you don’t like how your cocktail tastes, they will make you something else. Because often at Drink, your “drink” is an experiment.

Through word of mouth, the best drinks at Drink have been discovered. The Fort Point ( Rye, Punt en Mes, Benedictine and bitters concoction) is a huge hit. The Boss, made with Old Fitzgerald Bourbon and Amaretto, is one of my favorites. Other standouts include the Coffee Flip, Aviation, the French 75, and Moscow Mole.

Drink at Drink. Don’t eat at Drink. For that, save your appetitive and head upstairs to just-as-popular Sportello, Lynch’s Italian eatery.

At Drink, you’ll to truly appreciate the craft of bar tendering. This isn’t your frat-packed Faneuil Hall or Boylston Street Saturday night scene. This is an experience unlike anything in Boston. So whip out your Silver line bus pass (or buy one- I’ve never taken the bus in Boston either), and make your way to Drink.

Drink is located in Ft. Point at 348 Congress Street, basement level, just below Sportello. For more information, visit Drink’s website at


  1. Darlene Cunha  |  11 March 2009 at 4:53 PM

    What a great article. I will have to check ths place out. I am always looking for fun places to try, and Boston never lets me down. Thanks for giving me a new rendevous for my next free weekend.

    P.S. You write so well. Keep up the blog, I’d anxious to see what you’ll discover next.

  2. Brendon  |  11 March 2009 at 7:12 PM

    I definitely need to go here!

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