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It’s no secret that us ladies of TDO love doing travel research, whether it’s planning a real upcoming trip or fantasizing about going to great places via our Lust Lists.  I can click around the Internet for hours searching for hotels and restaurants and places I’d love to try.

During the spring, Paris always tops my list.  The one and only time I’ve been there, I was a recently graduated backpacker so I didn’t have the means to stay at the hotels of the rich and famous.  When I return (hopefully with someone rich and/or famous), I’d love to stay at the InterContinental Paris Le-Grand.  It’s elegant, opulent and Parisian in the most mythical sense.  Plus, it’s the home of one of Paris’ most legendary restaurants: Café de la Paix.  Instead of being at the office right now, I could be on that bustling street corner nibbling on a pastry and sipping espresso, while people watching arguably the world’s finest fashion show.  Or I could dig up my favorite ball gown for a little pre-Opera dinner instead of say – hitting up the Irish pub down the street from my apartment tonight.   Really, I’m convinced that I would’ve done quite well as part of the Belle Epoque Café Society.

If any of our dear readers are lucky enough to either live in or be heading to Paris this year, you’ll also have to check out (for me) this new pastry that the  Café is  introducing.  It’s only fitting that they would recruit French fashion designer Jean-Claude Jitrois to create this edible piece of artwork he calls “Sarah.” It is named after the 19th century famous French actress, Sarah Bernhardt and inspired by her painting that hangs in the lobby of the hotel. This chocolaty treat is available starting May 16 for only four months and reminds me of another reason why I’m meant to live the life of a French woman – they make indulging so fashionable!

See below for some of my favorite pictures from the hotel and café:

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  1. Jen  |  29 March 2009 at 8:50 PM

    only one way to do paris and that’s at the george v. and i guess you can stop by hotel crillon just because it’s pretty.

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