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Editor’s Note: We sent one of our Fashion Week correspondents to get the scoop from design maven Yigal Azrouel. Read on to find out what the designer has to say about his current work and of course, his obsessions.

By Christine Cameron

The Daily Obsession: First of all, I love your work. How do you feel when you see women wearing your clothing?
Yigal Azrouel: I find it really rewarding when I see that women are relating to my designs and going out and buying my pieces. It is such a good feeling.

TDO: What is it like designing in this economy? Is it difficult to find inspiration in these trying times?
YA: I have given this question a lot of thought actually and I think that during a recession, for me as a designer, I push myself more. I look at it like a challenge and like to take it to another level. As far as inspiration, when it comes to each collection, I try and weave in the influence I get from traveling and experiencing different cultures. But, it also comes from the fabric. I love to start out by draping right away and experimenting by mixing and matching materials and fabrics. Like I mentioned before, I am very hands on and very visual, so I don’t just work from my sketches, I need to feel the material. I need to go visit showrooms and see it for myself, and then it just begins to evolve from there. It is a very exciting process for me.

TDO: What do you think keeps you/your work relevant, or how do you stay relevant especially when people are cutting back and not spending money as much as they used to?
YA: Well, I don’t follow trends, but I have a clear vision of how I see women. I think about what they would want to wear and what would be comfortable and flattering. Plus, I think that people are probably not going out and investing in expensive shirts and basics, but more so purchasing that one special dress and wearing it for years to come. So, I try and focus on creating more timeless pieces.

TDO: What do you love most about what you do?
YA: I love to sketch. It is part of my everyday life. Going to fabric appointments is so inspiring and fun. I am very visual so I love to be hands on. I would also say that even though fashion week can be very stressful, I find that the stress easily segues into excitement and becomes more fun as it gets closer. I love it. And, at that point, I just can’t wait to see it all come together and then executed on the runway.

TDO: Aside from fashion, what are your current obsessions?
YA: You know for me it really comes down to yoga. I do it everyday. I find that when things get stressful, it keeps me grounded and relaxed. It is a great way to open each day in a positive way, and it gives me great energy.

Check out Christine’s blog at Stylepill.

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