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I’ve been watching my budget a bit more and naturally, some indulgences had to go. One of the casualties has been boost treatments during salon visits – whether it’s for shine, moisturization, etc.  Well, my recession-friendly way to get this indulgence at home is the Luminous Color Glaze by John Frieda.

This product has been on the market for quite some time and people always rave about it to me. Well, I finally tried it and totally get the hype.  Intended to give you gorgeous glossy locks and shine, this product comes in a variety of shades – from Sheer Blonde to Radiant Red.  Since I have super dark brown hair naturally (slightly lightened with color), I chose the Brilliant Brunette option in Chestnut to Espresso.

All John Frieda products in my experience have a salon-quality scent (I don’t know why, they just do) and leave my hair smelling fabulous so I’m always happy to use them, if only for that reason.  The glaze itself is super easy to use.  After shampooing and conditioning, squeeze all the excess water out of your hair and smooth the glaze onto your hair from root to tip.  (Make sure to rinse your hands thoroughly because the formula does have some color.)  The gel-like formula is super easy to apply and you just leave it on for three minutes before rinsing off. Within the three minutes, the formula penetrates into your hair cuticle and work their magic. You’re supposed to use this at least three times a week for maximum results, which I think is easy enough to do. After using this for a few weeks, I definitely think my hair look healthier, shinier and glossier than before. It imparted a lot of moisture and just kind of gives you a slight color boost, but nothing that would deeply impact your current dye job. I think this is a great way to kind of stretch your color between appointments and overall, just keep your hair looking fabulous on a budget. 

Retails for $10.  Available at

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